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Davidson’s Nile Medal 1798 in Gilt Bronze. as issued to Petty Officers with initials LL neatly engraved to LHS on obverse, much of the gilt remains. Good very fine





Davidson's Nile Medal 1798. in bronze. Holed at 12 o'clock for suspension. . The edge inscription is very clear. An attractive example. Generally good fine









Coorg Medal, in silver, 1st striking. Very fine




Earl St Vincent’s Medal in silver. Extremely fine





Deccan Medal in silver, 32mm. Fine





Mr. Alexander Davison’s Medal for the Nile 1798, 48mm, bronze, pierced with ring suspension (has been “worn with pride” see website pictures) Good fine





Egypt Medal 1801, in silver. Original Striking. Nearly extremely fine




38th Regiment Medal for Faithful and Meritorious Service Medal, during the reign of George III. In unhallmarked silver. Scarce. (Balmer reference 309) Good very fine





St. Jean D’Acre Medal, in silver. Extremely fine





Military General Service Medal 1793-1814, clasp Salamanca named to JOSEPH SANDS, 4th FOOT. (King's Own Royal Lancaster Regt.) 217 Salamanca bars to Regt. Copy modern medal roll & Discharge Papers. Born Tulalish, Bambridge, Down, Ireland. Enlisted 24.5.1804, served 14 years  'With the Regiment in action at the Battle of Salamanca and Palintia, at the latter he was wounded'. 'Wound, pistol shot in right foot'. (officers carried pistols) His only medal. Nearly very fine





Naval General Service Medal 1848, clasp Navarino, named to Josh Ray. With copy medal roll, first served on ‘Asia’ on 9th October 1826, and last served on ‘St. Vincent’ on 10th January 1855. Built in Bombay, HMS Asia was a 84-gun second rate ship of the line, launched on 19th January 1824, she was Codrington’s flagship at Navarino. Good very fine





Punjab Medal, two bars Mooltan, Goojerat SAML. WHITEHEAD, 10th FOOT. (Lincolnshire Regt.) KILLED IN ACTION GOOJERAT 21.2.1849. RARE casualty to the Regt. with 7 K.I.A. at Goojerat. Copy medal roll confirming K.I.A. Edge bruising, Good fine





Punjab Medal, two bars, Chilianwala, Goojerat to J. BATES, 3rd LT. DRAGNS. Copy Rolls Sutlej Medal (16th Lancers) & Punjab Medal (3rd Light Dragoons), Discharge Papers, 1569 Private John Bates, from Oughton Henry, Durham. Served from 27.11.1828 firstly with 16th Lancers till 28.2.1846 as 561 Private John Bates, entitled Ghuznee 1839, Sutlej Medal for Aliwal bar Sobraon with them. Confirmed on roll for the 16th Lancers entitled Aliwal bar which covers their famous charge at ALIWAL. Sutlej roll marked “Volunteered to 3rd Light Dragoons” earning this Punjab Medal 2 bars. Not entitled L.S.G.C. (served 17 years) Regt. numbers 561 & 1569 confirmed on papers, discharged 14.9.1852. Minor edge knocks (see website pictures) otherwise Very fine




Punjab Medal 1848-49, two bars Chilianwala, Goojerat W. WATTS, 9th LANCERS Contact wear therefore, Fine




Punjab Medal 1849-49, no bar to Trooper Sooddram Sing, 1st L.C. attempted erasure of name (see website pictures) NVF





Crimea Medal, three clasps, Alma, Balaklava and Sebastopol to Pvte Alfred Coppage 79th Foot (Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders) Engraved in upright capitals.With copy roll pages and information from Ancestry confirming 3646 Alfred Coppage served with the 79th Highlanders in the Crimea. Good very fine





Crimea Medal 1854, bar Sebastopol THOS. GEDDES, A.B. officially impressed. Lon. Gaz. 2.7.1855 lists the casualties for 18.6.1855 including THOMAS GEDDIS, A.B. RODNEY, SEVERELY WOUNDED ROYAL NAVAL BRIGADE, before Sebastopol 18th June 1855. Despatches “….the gallantry which has distinguished the Naval Brigade throughout the war, was never more distinguished during the attack on the Malakoff Tower & Redan”. S. Lushington Despatch “…the fire continued all day & the Commander of the Forces having intimated to me his acceptance of my proposal to carry the LADDERS in case of an assault being made on the town & batteries, I told off 4 parties of 60 men each to accompany the 4 columns ordered for this service & Capt. Peel having volunteered his service on this occasion, I placed them under his command. I regret to say that the assault which took place at 3 a.m. was not successful; but our severe loss shows too plainly that the seamen & officers of the Naval Brigade did their duty most gallantly & their LADDERS were at their places in spite of the most murderous fire I have witnessed. The casualties I trust will be got in tonight after dark”. These were - 10 killed among LADDER PARTY (including 1 officer) 42 Wounded among LADDER PARTY (including 6 Officers). H.M.S. Rodney’s Naval Brigade in this action lost 5 K.I.A., 2 dangerously wounded, 7 severely wounded (includes Gedddis) 5 slightly wounded. Copy roll for H.M.S. Rodney & Seb. bar. Impressed medals to the R.N./R.M. involved 4 ships only, as listed in Naval Medals 1793-1856, Capt. Douglas-Morris. by 1987 had recorded 144 surviving medals (not including Geddes) with 851 medals given to RODNEY he noted 61 known of those 61 forty four were for Seb. Note:- no other Thos. Geddes/Geddis on any Naval Rolls for the Crimea. Edge bruising, some contact marks, Very fine





PTE. GEORGE LOWNES The Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment Killed in Action Sebastopol 29.8.1855.Crimea Medal 1854, bar Sebastopol (loose on ribbon as issued) G. LOWNES. 33rd REGT. officially impressed naming. 3657 Pte. George Lownes enlisted at Liverpool 6.9.1854. Served in the Crimea from 17.6.1855 and was killed in the trenches at Sebastopol 29.8.1855. Copies casualty & muster rolls, some minor nicks to edge, otherwise Very fine





Private William Barrow, Royal Marines, who served aboard the 90 gun second rate ship of the line H.M.S. Albion during the Crimean War, and served at the battle of Balaklava. Crimea Medal, two clasps, Balaklava, Sebastopol, engraved naming; (W. BARROW. PTE: R.M. H.M.S. ALBION) William Barrow was born in Kentisbury, Combe Martin, Devon, and worked as a labourer before enlisting into Royal Marines when aged 19 at Barnstaple on 14th April 1848. Barrow went on to serve 8 years and 252 days with the Royal Marines, and saw sea service aboard the 90 gun second rate ship of the line H.M.S. Albion from 4th June 1850 through to 29th November 1855. Whilst aboard Albion, Barrow saw service during the Crimean War. Her first military action was in the Crimean War during the seige of Sebastopol on 17 October 1854. While Albion's commanding officer, Captain Stephen Lushington, was commanding a Naval Brigade providing vital heavy artillery support for the Allied forces besieging Sevastopol, Albion under the command of Commander Henry Rogers joined over 50 British and French warships of various types into action. The Russians suffered heavy casualties but the Allies had failed to seriously damaged the batteries, though the Anglo-French fleet had received comparatively light casualties, with about 500 killed or wounded in total. However, the Allies had taken a beating from the Russian batteries, and Albion had been set on fire three times during the engagement. Without the assistance of the courageous tugs, she would surely have succumbed to her damage and run aground. Barrow is confirmed as having been part of the Royal Marine Brigade and served ashore, being present at the battle of Balaklava on 25th October 1854 serving with No.4 Battery during the battle.Barrow was then posted aboard the wooden paddle slope H.M.S. Virago from 15th May 1856, and served aboard her till 29th July 1858, seeing service with the Channel Squadron, and was then posted to H.M.S. Wellington from 25th April 1859 through to 20th April 1860 when he was discharged. Additionally entitled to the Turkish Crimea Medal. With original frayed ribbon, Slight contact wear, and edge-bruise at 6 o’clock. Good very fine




Crimea Medal, four clasps, Alma, Balaklava, Inkermann and Sebastopol named in engraved style to 1452 Private W. Gillard, 46th Regiment. (South Devonshire Regiment), not been able to confirm the Balaklava bar. Some contacting, Generally very fine




Crimea Medal, two clasps, Azoff and Sebastopol, unnamed as issued. Loose-mounted, Good very fine





Turkish Crimea Medal (Sardinian)  WM. HART, 5th DN. GDS. Depot  Impressed. Contemporary ring & clip through original hole suspension, very nicely done.  "Forgotten Heroes" by R. Dutton says Private William Hart 'probably rode in the CHARGE of the HEAVY BRIGADE' (25th October 1854) The musters show he was effective from the 1.10.1854 to 24.11.1854, 2nd & 3rd Musters endorsed 'Scutari'. Medal Roll gives bars Balaklava, Inkermann, Sebastopol. Original but front faded ribbon. Very fine





Turkish Crimea Medal, Sardinian, with contemporary Baltic style suspension, this loose, unnamed as issued, light contact wear 3 & 9 o/c. Nearly very fine 





Turkish Crimea Medal, Sardinian issue, with depot style impressed naming to: NO 3014 SAMUEL MCFADDEN 30TH REGT (Corporal Samuel McFadden of the 30th (Cambridgeshire Regiment) is shown as wounded at the Battle of Alma on Kevin Asplin's online Crimea casualty list. Sold with copy of Medal Roll which confirms entitlement to the single clasp "Alma". Rank shown as "Drummer" on the Regimental nominal roll. No suspension & medal pierced for ring suspension as normal. Old test mark nick on rim.





India General Service Medal 1854, clasp Northwest Frontier to 1726 PTE. J. PRIOR, 3 Bn. RIF. BDE. (Impressed) 1726 Private John Prior served with the 3rd Battalion Rifle Brigade as part of Brevet Colonel A.D. McDonell's Expedition against Sultan Muhammed Khan on the North West Frontier of India December 1863 - January 1864. Discharged March 1868. surname officially corrected. Nearly extremely fine 





India General Service Medal 1854, clasp Jowaki 1877-8 1454 to TRUMPR. J. COLLIER, 13/9th. R.A. Scarce rank of TRUMPETER (later Trumpet Major) much rarer than Drummer. Interestingly only 4 Jowaki I.G.S.'s named to TRUMPETER to the British Army. 38 Jowaki's issued to this R.A. unit. Copy Afghan Roll, Discharge Papers, born Woolwich, Kent, aged 14 joined R.A., 29.1.1867 as a Trumpeter, served 5th & 13th Brigade, H.Q. Ough Div., served 1867 - 1888 rising through the ranks to Serjeant Trumpeter & Trumpet Major, entitled Afghan bar Ali Musjid as Trumpet Major R.A. & L.S.G.C. awarded 1886. Intended place of residence Bridge Inn, Barlow St., Derby. One edge knock otherwise Nearly Very FineOne e/k otherwise Nearly very fine





India General Service Medal 1854, two clasps, Burma 1885-7, Burma 1887-89 2263 PTE. D. SULLIVAN, 2d. Bn. R. SCO. FUS. Copy Discharge papers. Daniel Sullivan from St. Anns, Cork. Served 1st Boer War 1880 with 2/21st Regt. (Royal Scot's Fusiliers) from 15.3.1878 & embarked for South Africa 22.2.1879 covering the actions involved there were the Siege of Potchefstroom 12.12.1880-21.3.1881, Swart Kopjes 6.1.1881, Elandsfontein Ridge 16.1.1881, Sieges of Pretoria & Rustenberg, being the actions where they sustained casualties - entitled South Africa Zulu Medal bar 1879. To East Indies 5.1.1882. Discharged 21.7.1893 having been sentenced to penal servitude. Unofficial lugs between first and 2nd bars. Very minor edge bruising otherwise,Nearly extremely fine





India General Service Medal 1854, bar Burma 1885-7. To 40 CPL. J. WARD, 2d Bn. L'POOL R. Copy 11 pages Discharge Papers later Colour Sergeant. Bar scratched on '88'. Nearly very fine




India General Service Medal 1854, clasp Burma 1887-89 to CAPT. P.J. CUNNINGHAM, 1st. Bn. RIF. BRIG. (Rifle Brigade) Captain Patrick Joseph Cunningham, commissioned Second Lieutenant East Yorkshire Regt, May 1878, promoted Lieutenant July 1881 seconded for service with the Army Pay Dept., as Paymaster 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade Dec. 1885, promoted Captain May 1887, served with the Rifle Brigade in Burma, died 1888. Nearly extremely fine





India General Service Medal 1854, two clasps, Burma 1887-89, Burma 1885-7 to  4974 PTE. P. DIAMOND, 1st. Bn. RIF. BRIG. Copy Discharge Papers. 4974 Private Patrick Diamond from Maghera, Co. Londonderry 1858, enlisted in the Rifle Brigade July 1881, served with the 1st Batt. In Upper Burma, Oct. 1886 - Feb. 1889. Discharged Aug. 1893. Bars mounted in this order as is normal, top bar with extra pierced holes both sides made when trying to add 2nd bar to 1st without `ears' ! Good very fine





India General Service Medal 1854, clasp Burma 1887-89 to 2180 QR. MR. SERGT. W. WOOD, 2d. Bn. CHES. R. (Cheshire Regiment). Copy Discharge Papers, from Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Entitled L.S.G.C. Good senior N.C.O. rank. Quarter Master Sergeant. `ood' of surname officially corrected. Good very fine




India General Service Medal 1854, clasp Waziristan 1894-95 to 3817 PTE. B. RALTON, 2d. Bn. BORDER REGT. edge nick otherwise Nearly very fine





Indian Mutiny Medalclasp Lucknow to EDWD. EVANS, 1st Bn. 23rd R.W. FUSRS, to 5512 Private Edward Evans, born Oswestry, served with the 23rd Foot at Lucknow in the Mutiny, died 25.1.1859. GVF




Indian Mutiny Medalclasp Central India to FACKER ODEEN 1st. REGIMENT N.I. Very fine





China Medal 1857, four clasps, Fatshan 1857, Canton 1857, Taku Forts 1858 and Taku Forts 1860. Unnamed as issued. Nearly extremely fine





Ashantee Medal 1873-74, clasp Coomassie named to 1958 Pte. A. Bruce, 42nd Highds.1873-4. Copy Medal Roll, Discharge Papers. Alexander Bruce, born Kilspendie, Errol, Perthshire, Scotland. SEVERELY WOUNDED in action AMOAFUL , W. AFRICA 31.1.1874. 'The bones were broken, (right arm) the wound being inflicted by a 'slug'. His only medal. Very fine





Afghanistan Medal 1878, clasp Peiwar Kotal to 965. SERGT. M. BIRMINGHAM, 2/8th REGT. (Liverpool Regiment) Good Sergeant's medal. Nearly extremely fine





Afghanistan Medal 1878, clasp Ali Musjid to 6447 FARR. SGT. J. GREEN, E/3 BDE. R.A. Copy Discharge Papers. Farrier Sergeant John Green from Glossop, Derby. Entitled L.S.G.C. Nearly very fine 





Afghanistan Medal 1878, clasp Ahmed Khel to 3796 GUNR. J. CONNOR, 11/11th. Bde. R.A. (11th Bty., 11th Brigade received 91 medals with this bar). Good very fine





Afghanistan Medal 1878, clasp Ahmed Khel to 2d CLASS HOSPL. ASST. WAHABUL SHAIR, 19th BENGAL LANCERS. Unusual rank (2nd Class Hospital Assistant) & good Cavalry unit. Very fine




Afghanistan Medal, clasp, Ali Musjid (1843 Pte. G. Bradford 1/17th. Regt.). A scarce clasp to British troops.  Only four British Infantry Regiments formed part of Lieutenant General Sir Sam Browne’s Peshawar Valley Field Force: 1/17th, 51st and 81st Foot and the 4th Battalion of the Rifle Brigade. The British invaded Afghanistan on 20 November 1878, the fortress at Ali Masjid being encountered on the following day.  Browne’s initial attack was unsuccessful but the Afghans fled from the fortress during the night when they realised that Browne was attempting to outflank them.  Many were captured when they retreated into the brigade that blocked their escape.  With a minor edge bruise and light contact marks, about Very fine





Afghanistan Medal 1878, two clasps Charasia, Kabul to B/629 PTE. J. McARTHUR, 92nd HIGHRS. Copy medal Roll John McArthur, Volunteered to 90th Regt. (2/Scot. Rifles) Light contact marks, otherwise Nearly very fine




Afghanistan Medal 1878, no clasp, name erased. Nearly extremely fine





South Africa General Service Medal 1879, clasp 1877-8-9 named to 667 Private J. McCormack, 88th Foot. With copy medal roll, born in Liverpool, McCormack was a ‘bad boy, his copy service papers included suggest he was addicted to drink, appearing in the Regimental Defaulters Book no less than 51 times. Good very fine





Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal 1880-97, one bar Bechuanaland, Bandmr. E. Andrews. Queens. R. Vol. BANDMASTER, Queenstown Rifle Volunteers. Copy Roll 67 issued to Regiment, including 2 Officers & Band Sgt./Band Master E. Andrews. The medal being issued between 1900-1905 perhaps explains his rise in rank in the Band & being used for naming his medal. UNIQUE rank on the medal roll for Bandmaster, one other listed as Band Sgt. & two Band Cpl’s. Nearly very fine





Egypt Medal, undated, bar Suakin 1885. 1759 Pte. H. Jones, 1/Shrops: L.I., Copy Medal Roll & Discharge Papers. Henry Jones, born 1862 in Wellington, Shropshire. Joined 53rd Regt. (Shropshire Light Infantry) 9.12.1880 serving 12 years in Malta 1883-1885 & Suakin 1885. Confirms Medal, Suakin 1885 bar & Khedive's Star. Good very fine





Egypt Medal, undated bar Suakin 1885 to 4 PTE. W. SPAIN, 2/E. SURR: R. Unusual surname, copy Medal Roll, discharge papers of 659 Thomas William Spain 2/E. Surr: R. the last of 8 pages his "discharge of Militia Man" names him as T. William Spain so he liked the name William not Thomas. From Camberwell, London. (this possibly him). Served Egypt & E. Indies 26.9.1884-4.3.1890. Good low Regt. number '4'. Light pitting, otherwise Nearly very fine



Egypt Medal, no clasp, named to 14966 Sapper T. Jones, 8th Company, Royal Engineers. Comes with some research. Nearly            extremely fine




India General Service Medal 1895, clasp Malakand 1897 named to 2392 Havildar Shahdad Khan, 2nd Bengal Infantry. Generally very fine





British South Africa Company Medal, Rhodesia 1896 reverse, named to 3455 Private W. Doherty, 1st Royal Irish Rifles. Medal sent to Ladysmith in Natal, with copy medal roll, only 1 officer and 27 other ranks medals issued to the Royal Irish Rifles for this campaign. Also copy of Regimental History detailing their service in British South Africa. A scarce medal, NEF





British South Africa Company Medal, Rhodesia 1896 reverse, named to Trooper W.E.W. Richards, Gwelo Volunteers. The Gwelo Field Force was formed at the end of March 1896. Also with copy of medal roll, confirming entitlement. Good very fine




Khedives Sudan Medal 1896, bronze issue to Syce. Heezaman, 1st Bombay Lancers. With copy roll, surname down as Heeraman. Raised as the Bombay Squadron of Cavalry by Colonel John Murray in 1803, it was later split into two becoming the 1st and 2nd Bombay Light Cavalry.  In 1842, the 1st was renamed 1st Regiment of Bombay Light Cavalry (Lancers), a name it held for almost fifty years becoming the 1st (Duke of Connaught's Own) Bombay Lancers in 1890.  During the reign of Edward The Seventh, in 1903, it became the 31st Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers.  In 1923 the 31st amalgamated with the 32nd (formerly the 2nd Bombay Lancers) and were renamed 13th Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers.  Finally, in 1947 following partition, the regiment was allocated to the Pakistan and renamed ‘13th Lancers’. The Duke of Connaught, then Commander-in-Chief of the Bombay Army, became their colonel-in-chief in 1890. He still held the appointment in the 13th DCO Lancers on his death in January 1942. The 1st Bombay Light Cavalry were participants in the First Afghan War in 1839 where they were at the capture of Ghuznee and in the march to Kabul returning to India in 1840 [Battle Honours Ghuznee and Afghanistan 1839]. Their second campaign came eight years later, during the Second Sikh War; they were in action at the storming of Mooltan where they remained as garrison until the cessation of hostilities [Battle Honours Mooltan and Punjaubs]. May 1857 saw the start of the Great Mutiny.  The 1st Bombay Lancers were at Nasirabad where they were the only ones to remain loyal.  Artillery and infantrymen urged them to go over to them but the sowars refused and, under their officers, charged in an attempt to take the guns. They failed to do so but successfully disengaged and took part in the campaign of pacification in Central India [Battle Honour Central India]. They continued to serve outside India and participated in the Third Afghan War during 1878-80.  Five years later they were in the East – in Burma during 1885-87.  Their final campaign during Queen Victoria’s reign was the one for which this medal was awarded. Court mounted, contact marks and edge bruises, VF+




Queens South Africa Medal, five bars Relief of Kimberley, Paardeberg, Driefontein, Transvaal, Wittebergen to 4112 Pte. J. Morris, 1: Leic: Regt., MENTION IN DESPATCHES 4.9.1901 by Lord Roberts for "Special & Meritorious Service" Discharge Papers from Leicester confirms above bars & entitled K.S.A. Scarce to unit. Approximately 34 Relief of Kimberley bars to the Leicester Regiment Mounted Infantry. 72 M.I.D.'s to all Battalions, 9 of those to Privates, 4 of them by Roberts. (bottom bar reverse is hidden under sewn ribbon) Edge bruise 6 o/c Good very fine




Queens South Africa Medal, five clasps, Cape Colony, Tugela Heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith and Transvaal, (574 Pte. S. Osborne 2 Dorset Rgt) With copy medal roll, a couple of small edge-knocks, Generally very fine





Private Samuel Wylie, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Wounded COLENSO 15th December 1899, from Shankill, Belfast.Queens South Africa Medalfour bars Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Belfast 5169 Pte. S. Wylie, Rl. Innis. Fus. WOUNDED COLENSO 15.12.1899. The 'Skins' lost 1 Officer, 17 men K.I.A. 10 Officers, 76 men wounded. Copy Medal roll, Discharge Papers, born Shankhill, Belfast, Antrim. Joined the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers at Belfast 30.11.1895. Served South Africa, 5.11.1899-18.1.1903, discharged 29.12.1907. Discharge Papers state wounded 'near the Tugela River, 15.12.1899'. (this is the action at COLENSO 15.12.1899 as in the Official Casualty roll) Entitled K.S.A. Nearly extremely fine 





Queen`s South Africa Medalfour bars, Defence of Ladysmith, Laing`s Nek, Belfast, South Africa 1901. (last bar loose) 2690 Pte.W.J. PARSONS, LIVERPOOL REGT. WOUNDED HELVETIA 29.12.1900. 1st Liverpool Regt. Copy Medal Roll, Discharge papers William James Parsons born Battersea, London. Confirms only medal with 1901 bar sent separately. Pte. W. Heaton of the Liverpools won the V.C. in the actions covered by these bars. Nearly extremely fine 





Queen's South Africa Medal, four bars, Defence of Ladysmith, Laing's Nek, Belfast, South Africa 1901. 5574 Pte. W. Williams, Liverpool Regt. Attested Liv. Regt. 1897, L/Cpl. 15.10.1901. 5574 Private William Williams, 1st Battalion Liverpool Regiment,wounded in action near Witpoort (near Heilbron) 12.10.1900 (4 casualties to Regt.) The wounds resulted in the loss of use of his right arm and having been invalided home 14.4.1901 & discharged 21.12.1901.  He is listed as `J. Williams' in the published casualty roll. One rivet popped on S.A.01 bar. Copy Service papers, medal roll (for first 3 bars, can't find 1901 bar roll). VF




Queen’s South Africa Medal, four bars, Defence of Ladysmith, Belfast, Cape Colony, Orange Free State. 5232 Pte. J. COLLINS, MANCHESTER REGT. bars mounted in that order. Copy medal roll confirms C.C.,O.F.S. issued late Discharge papers from Knutsford, Chester. 12 pages of Defaulters Book entries, missing a K.S.A. but not a L.S.G.C. ! Light contact marks, NVF




Queens South Africa Medal, four clasps, Orange Free State, Cape Colony, Transvaal, South Africa 1901 (Lieut. J. G. Kirkwood, Kitchener’s F.S.)  Served as 302 Trooper, 2nd Brabant’s Horse, August 1900-June 1901. Enlisted with the 2nd Kitchener’s Field Scouts on 24 September 1901 and served until 10 November 1901. With copied roll extracts. Good very fine





Queens South Africa Medalthree bars Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal. 34251 TPR. E.N. SHAW, 53rd COY. I.Y. Entitled 1901 bar. Served 53rd (Royal East Kent) Company, 14th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry. I.Y. Boer War Casualty Roll (Asplin) shows Pte. Edward Norman Shaw, KILLED IN ACTION Nr. HARRISMITH 27.7.1901, Papers say killed in action at Witkopie on 27 July 1901. Edward Norman Shaw was born in Melbourne, Australia. He attested in London on 22 .2.1901, aged 21 years, for service with the Imperial Yeomanry. He served with the 53rd (Royal East Kent) Company, 14th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry in South Africa from 12.3.1901. Copy casualty & Imp. Yeo. Roll. Extremely fine 





Queens South Africa Medal, three bars, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal.6646 PTE. A. MCKAY, K.O. SCOT. BORD. (Mounted Infantry) Slightly Wounded Nr. LILLIEFONTEIN, 7.5.1901, the only casualty to the Regt. here. Copy medal roll. Few edge bruises otherwise Very fine 





Queen's South Africa Medalthree bars, Cape Colony, Transvaal, Wittebergen to 1077 PTE. J. STANLEY, MANCH. REGT. Nearly extremely fine





Queens South Africa Medalthree bars, Cape Colony, Transvaal, Wittebergen. 8221 PTE. J.A. Mc'LEAN, 1 HIGH: LT. INFT. 8221 Private J. A. McLean served in the Volunteer Company Highland Light Infantry & as 671 Cpl. 1st Scottish horse for the Transvaal bar issued on 28.11.1910 (claimed when in Army Reserve I expect). Entitled K.S.A. with 1/Scottish Horse bar 1901, doesn't seem to have got the bar 1902 from rolls but may have got bar South Africa 1901 to his Q.S.A. issued separately but roll is marked from 'No' to 'Yes' for K.S.A. Copy 3 x medal rolls. Jeweller's light marks (?) to one side of obverse otherwise Very fine 





Queens South Africa Medal, three clasps, Cape Colony, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal (809 Far. Serjt. A. Purser, Imp. Lt. Horse). Served with the Colonial Scouts (Mooi River detachment), January-March 1900; then with the Imperial Light Horse as Farrier Sergeant, March-November 1900. Nearly extremely fine





Queens South Africa Medal, three clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal (3198 PTE D. HAYES, RL MUNSTER FUS). With copy medal roll. Some toning, Generally very fine





Queen’s South Africa Medal, three bars Cape Colony, Orange Free State, South Africa 1901. 5044 Pte. A. GRUPIE, RL. WARWICK REGT. on single hanging suspender. Copy medal roll 6th Warwick Regt. Roll states issued July 1913 to Grupie after leaving the Warwicks 3.10.1902 when in the Coldstream Guards with Regt. No. 4055 which the medal office seem to have nearly reversed to 5044 ! Edge bruising, contact marks, fine





A scarce Boer War casualty to Corporal A. Seekings King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry for the early action at ENSLIN 25th November 1899. Queens South Africa Medal, two bars, Belmont, Orange Free State to 4424 CORL. A. SEEKINGS, 2 YORKS. LT. INFY. 4424 Corporal A. Seekings, 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Light Infantry was WOUNDED ENSLIN, 25 11 1899. (4424 A. Seekin, 2/Yorks. L.I.) To 1st Class Army Reserve, 1 6.1901 (due to wound ?) From “Our Regiments in South Africa” J. Stirling. 'At Enslin on the 25th the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry took a very prominent part & if they did not lose so heavily as the Naval Brigade, that is accounted for by their not crowding in the attack & making a better use of the ground'. At Enslin the Yorks L.I. had 10 K.I.A. & 38 wounded (including 3 Officers) the R.N. Bge. 16 K.I.A. & 81 wounded, Loyal North Lancs. Regt., 18 wounded, Northampton Regt., 1 K.I.A. 10 wounded, Rimingtons Guides 4 wounded 3 missing. Copy service record, casualty & medal roll. Contact marks, Nearly very fine 





Private James Parsons, 1st Royal Irish Regiment Severely Wounded Bethlehem 7th July 1900 from Tipperary, Ireland. Queens South Africa Medaltwo bars Cape Colony, Wittebergen 795 Pte. J. Parsons, 1st Rl. Irish Regt. SEVERELY WOUNDED BETHLEHEM 7.7.1900. The Royal Irish Regiment lost 1 K.I.A. & 50 Wounded in this action The Despatch Lon. Gaz. 10.10.1900 "On this occasion the 1st Batt. Royal Irish Regiment distinguished itself capturing a gun of the 77th Bty. R.F.A. which had been lost at Stormberg (1899)". Copy Medal Roll, Discharge Papers from St. John's, Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland. His only medal. Very fine





A Boer War Medal with an unusual to find picture of an other rank in the Boer War wearing his I.G.S. ribbon in Seaforth Highlanders uniform. Queens South Africa Medal, two bars, Cape Colony, Paardeberg to 1745 Pte. D. ROBERTSON, 2 SEA. HIGHRS. Donald Robertson was born in Moulin, Pitlochry, Perthshire. A Plumber by occupation & a member of the 3rd Btn. Scottish Rifles; attested in the Seaforth Highlanders at Hamilton 20.5.1885, aged 18 years. Serving in the East Indies, 1.1.1886 - 6.3.1893 (I.G.S. Medal bar Hazara 1891) & was discharged to the Army Reserve in 5.4.1893, re-engaging for the Reserve in 20.5.1897. Recalled to the Colours, served in South Africa 5.12.1899 until invalided home 15.9.1900, discharged 19.5.1902. Copy both medal rolls, service papers, born Moulin, Pitlochry, Perthshire. 'A military History of Perthshire 1899-1902'. Published 1908. gives '1745 Pte. Donald Robertson (Ballinluig) Enlisted 1885, served with Hazara Expedition 1891 (medal with clasp Hazara 1891) also in South African War (1899) -1900 (Queen's medal with clasps Cape Colony & Paardeberg). Discharged 1902'. Picture page 463 - copy photograph. Good very fine 




Queens South Africa Medal, two clasps, Transvaal, South Africa 1902 named to 4747 Private H. Farndell, East Kent Regiment. Good very fine




Queens South Africa Medal, two clasps, Cape Colony and South Africa 1902 named to 6312 Private A. Long, Worcester Regiment, comes with copy medal roll. Very fine





Queen`s South Africa Medal, bar Belmont. 3444 GR. G.R. CUNNINGTON, R.M.A. HMS MONARCH.  WOUNDED ENSLIN 1899 The Battle of ENSLIN (Graspan as it was also known) is where The Naval Brigade led the storming force, extended in a single line to take the kopje, where most of their Officers were either killed or wounded. The Marines left nearly half their strength upon the ground, the “BLUE MARINES” or MARINE ARTILLERY as they were called being the hardest hit of all, with 26 killed or wounded out of a strength of 57. Of the Q.S.A.'s with 1 bar Belmont, or 2 bars Belmont, Modder River 4 were K.I.A. & 26 wounded, of those 2 K.I.A. & 13 were ROYAL MARINE ARTILLERY including Capt. G. Senior, R.M.A. (see picture) EARLY BOER WAR CASUALTY. 3 or 4 edge bruises otherwise, British War Medal to L/Cpl. G.R.Cunnington, D.S.C. Extremely fine





Queens South Africa Medal, one bar, Transvaal. 5297 PTE. A.COOPER, ESSEX REGT. Copy Medal Roll 1st Essex Regt. also entitled S.A. 1901 & 1902 on his Q.S.A. (not a K.S.A.) Nearly very fine




Beaconsfield (Kimberley) Siege 1900 Childrens Medal, white metal. Presented by the town council to children in the town during the siege. Generally very fine




Kings South Africa Medal, two clasps, South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 named to 1792 Corporal G. Brookshaw, Nesbitt’s Horse. Scarce KSA to unit. Loose-mounted for wear, Good very fine









Anglo-Boere Oorlog (War) Medal, named to Burger J.J. Vanstaden. Edge-bruising, Good very fine





Anglo-Boere Oorlog (War) Medal, named to Burger J. Cilliers. Light toning, Good very fine





Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry Medal, 3rd Battalion, South Africa 1901-1902 named to 23104 W. Holmes. Edge-bruise, Very fine or better





Tibet Medal, in silver, clasp Gyantse, named to 3403 Bugler Bir Singh, 23rd Sikh Pioneers. Good very fine 




Tibet Medal, in bronze, no clasp named to 290 Cooly Dhan Singh, L & J Corps. Very fine




Africa General Service Medal, Ed VII, clasp Somaliland 1902-04, [1st G. H. STRKPR. WOOPENDRA NATH BANERJEE, S. & T. C.] A silver issue awarded to 1st Grade Hospital Storekeeper Woopendra Nath Banerjee, Supply & Transport Corps. Medal and clasp confirmed on roll: Permanent Native Subordinate of Supply & Transport Corps attached to No. 69 Native Field Hospital. Very scarce, only two men on the roll. Shown as Supply & Transport Corps, Northern Command. Slight rim ripple owing to excess pressure when naming.  Very fine




Africa General Service Medal 1902, Ed.VII. one bar, Somaliland 1908-10. 2952 CONDR. A.W. DONNELLY, A.O.C. Was MENTION IN DESPATCHES 17.6.1910 by Hannyngton, O.C. troops, Somaliland “Conductor A Donnelly, Army Ordnance Department, has carried out all ordnance work in a particularly efficient manner”. Also by Gough MENTION IN DESPATCHES17.6.1910 Conductor A Donnelly, Army Ordnance Department, “in charge of the Ordce. Dept”. W.W.1. – Home Service only. Entitled Edw. VII L.S.G.C. Only 2 men of the A.O.C. entitled to the A.G.S. with this bar, Condr. Donnelly the senior Officer & S.Sgt. R.A. Smith.  Major Arthur Donnelly was born 7.7.1872, enlisted in Buffs 1888, trans. O.S.C. 1891, in ranks 14 years, W.O. 10 years, Lieut. 1913, Capt. 1917, Major 1919, retired 1927, died 1956. War Services – Campaign in Crete 1898-1899. Senior member of the A.O.C. as Protectorate Ordnance Officer, Som. 1908-10. Noted for accelerated promotion & twice M.I.D. W.W.1. served at the Ordnance Depot, Hilsea & again M.I.D. (no M.I.C. found) Copy 1910 Lon. Gaz., & from R.A.O.C. Gazette magazines, Portsmouth picture 1893 in group as L.Cpl. (R.A.O.C. Gazette 1932) & 13 Officers inc. Major Donnelly, Hilsea, 1927. Various articles on Somaliland 1908-10 of the A.O.C. involvement “On the track of the Mullah” 10 pages. Wrote the account of the expedition in the pre-war Gazette. R.A.O.C. Obituary. Very fine





Africa General Service Medal 1902-56, Ed VII, clasp Somaliland 1908-10 named to Lieutenant H.F.D. Jelf, Royal Navy, HMS Diana. With copy medal roll, also entitled to a British War Medal for WW1 Service. Extremely fine




India General Service Medal, Ed VII,  one bar, North West Frontier 1908 to 9332 Lc. Cpl. W. Dunbar 1st. Bn. Sea Highrs., 9322 Sgt. W. Dunbar, 1st. Bn. Sea Highrs, Killed in Action 20.12.1914. Copy C.W.G.C. & M.I.C. (1914 trio). Extremely fine



Original Aug 5th – Nov 22nd clasp for a 1914 Star. Good very fine




1914 Star to E. J. P. WOOLLCOMBE, B. R. C. S. & O. ST. J. J.. Edgar John Phillip Woollcombe, born 21 February 1891 at 31 Cleveland Square, Hyde Park. He served as a stretcher bearer in the British Red Cross Society at Boulogne from 1/11/1914. As a Lieutenant, General list, Intelligence (D) he joined the Censor’s department on the 13th September 1915. His mother was born in Belgium. It is assumed that he spoke French and Flemish to undertake Censor duties in France. In August 1917, a complaint was submitted to the base commandant at Harve, by a Madame A. Carre’ against Woollcombe. This officer had hired lodgings in her house and had left the bill unpaid until a debt of about 1,400 Francs had accumulated. Madame A.Carre’ reported that Lieutenant E J P Woollcombe had not lived in the rooms himself, but had hired them for the use of a girl named Antoinette BASSU. In the house he used the pseudonym “WILKIE”, and Mademoiselle BASSU was described as “Madame WILKIE”. Woollcombe explained the lady was a friend of his, who was temporarily in reduced circumstances owing to her father and mother being prisoners of war, and that he was anxious to do what he could to help her. He, was informed that on account of the circumstances of his association with Mademoiselle A.BASSU he is considered unsuitable for the confidential work of censorship in the country. He later married Joan Acland in 1923, daughter of Robert Acland CBE. Post war he worked as a stockbroker. Died 14th January 1935. With copied research. Very fine




1914-15 Star to Captain J. Jenkins who earned a Gallantry Mention in Despatches, a downgraded DSO with the 8th Battalion Welsh Regiment whilst wounded on 15th Feb 1917 at Dahra Bend, Kut. John Jenkins was from Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen, North Wales, he had a History Degree from University College of Wales and Christ College, University of Cambridge (1909), was commissioned 2nd Lt on 23/10/14 into the 12th Battalion Welsh Regiment. Lt 18/3/1915, he then went to Galipoli with the 8th Battalion on the 4th Nov 1915, promoted Tempy Capt Jan 1916, to Mesopotamia Feb 1916-19. Promoted Captain 1/5/1918. M.I.D. London Gazette 15.8.1917 Lt Gen Sir Maude as Lt/Temp Capt. His commanding officer Lt Col R B Johnson writes that “He was recommended by me for the Distinguished Service Order for conspicuous and gallant work during the fighting in front of Kut, where he was wounded”.  This would have been an immediate recommendation for a DSO for action on the 15/2/1917 Dahra Bend, Kut, where he was wounded by a bullet through Right arm. After WW1 he tried to get into the RAEC but failed despite all the wonderful references he failed. VF




1914-15 Star named to 407119 Pte J. Bell, 1st Canadian Infantry. Bell joined the 26th Reserve Battalion on 3rd November 1915 in Hythe, Alberta. Bell Died of Wounds on 14th June 1916. He is buried in Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery in Belgium




1914-15 Star named to Engineer E. Ellis, Royal Naval Reserve. Believed to have served Oceanic, the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company took over the White Star Line, taken up August 1914 and wrecked in September 1914 in a storm of the Shetland Islands having been grounded! Good very fine




1914-15 Star named to 19350 Gunner G.H. Bloomfield Royal Field Artillery. Gunner Bloomfield, ‘A’ Battery, Royal Field Artillery, 92nd Brigade. Killed in action 3rd June 1917. The son of Harry and Hannah Louisa Bloomfield, of Stone Cottages, Upper Holton, Halesworth, Suffolk. He is buried at Queant Road Cemetery, Buissy. Good very fine




1914-15 Star to 2 LIEUT. E. H.  TRIGGS  R.E. Edward Henry Triggs, 18/9/15 to France, served with the Durham (Fortress) Engineers and also seconded for duty with Army Signal Service. Would have Lieutenant rank on his pair. East Finchley and Rangoon addresses on mic. Very fine+




1914-15 Star, impressed 2788 PTE. J.PICKUP. L.N.LAN.R. Sold together with copy service papers, medal card and medal roll. John Pickup, from St Annes on Sea, Lancashire, attested to join the 4th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment on 5th October, 1914 at Preston. He landed in France on 4th May, 1915. John was wounded in action, three times, on 15th June, 1915; 8th September, 1916 and 10th October, 1917. John was later re-numbered as 200735. He was compulsorily transferred to the Army Service Corps (Supply) as a Clerk numbered S/440072 on 28th August, 1918. He was disembodied on 29th April, 1919 at Woolwich. Extremely fine



1914-15 Star, neatly erased. Good very fine




1914-15 Star to LIEUT E. S.  BROWSE 28TH BN C. OF L. REGT. Ernest Stanley Browse ,5941/76763 Private in the 28th Battalion Artist Rifles, London Regiment, strangely commissioned into the same regiment and then transferred to Labour Corps as a Lieutenant. Addresses given as Warwick Club SW1 and GWVA Club, Vancouver Canada. Very fine+




1914-15 Star to LIEUT.A.L.BAKER.R.IR RIF. Lieutenant in the Royal Irish Rifles. Very fine+ 




1914-15 Star named to 7530 Private J. Herbert, Middlesex Regiment. With copy Medal Index Card. Entered France 4th October 1915. Good very fine




1914-15 Star to 2 LIEUT W. HUDSON.  Very fine





British War Medal to Q.M. & LIEUT. J. DUNN. Copy M.I.C. (1914-15 trio) James Dunn, 11059 Q.M.S. (W.O.2) Lieut. & Qr. Mr. Commissioned R.A.M.C. 2.7.1917, Theatre ‘Africa’, 15.3.1915. Service Papers available at WO364, born St. Stephens,Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, England. Awarded Geo. V. M.S.M., Lon. Gaz. 12.3.1917 “….in recognition of valuable services rendered with the Armies in the field during the present war”. 11059 RQ.M.S. (Actg. S.M.) R.A.M.C. L.S.G.C. Army Order 412, 1914 & Mentioned in Despatches 24.12.1917. “Commended for for good service rendered during the (Nile) Expedition”. The Meritorious Service Medal Book 1916-1928 by I. McInnes page 37 states “Group ex collection, Queen’s Sudan (11059 Pte. R.A.M.C.) 2 x W.W.1.’s (erased) 1902 Coronation, Geo. V. L.S.G.C. (Sgt. R.A.M.C.) Geo. V., M.S.M. Order of St. John, L.S.G.C. & bar, Khedive’s Sudan bar Khartoum. 60 R.A.M.C. Officers & 139 O.R.’s were at Omdurman”. Extremely Fine 





British War Medal to 15765 Pte. J.Boyle, Som.L.I. (Private James Boyle of the 8th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry, was killed in action in France on 1st July 1916. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. The 8th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry were part of 63rd Brigade (21st Division) who attacked at Fricourt on 1st July 1916 with heavy losses). Nearly extremely fine





British War Medal to (Z. 204 1 A.M. E. C. Sweeney, S.A.R.F.C.), South African Royal Flying Corps. Good very fine




British War Medal to CAPT. C. WEBB-JOHNSON. Cecil Webb-Johnson M.B. was a Doctor, address Cricklewood, East sheen, he served in India 1914 with RAMC Territorial Force as a Captain hence this being his sole WW1 medal entitlement, his medal was sent to him by the Commanding Officer of the East Surrey Regiment. He was also the Joint Honorary Secretary of the Section of Naval and Military Medicine and Surgery. He was an author, musical composer of Waltz tubes and wrote diet books for men and for women!: http://archive.spectator.co.uk/article/28th-july-1923/20/diet-for-men-by-cecil-webb-johnson-mills-and-boon- It was whilst in India he took an interest in diabetics and metabolism. He died 1930 in London aged 51. Very fine



British War Medal to LIEUT C. V.  CAMPBELL. Clarence Victor Campbell, private 2899 to France 28th Feb 1915, he was Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into the Famous 7th (Robin Hood) Battalion, Sherwood Foresters on the 27th June 1917 and sadly Killed in Action on 26th Oct 1917. His medals were sent to Sheffield Road, Chesterfield. Nearly extremely fine




British War Medal to CAPT. D. W.   STEVENS. LG Military Cross 26/1/17 as a Temporary Lieutenant, 16th Battalion Chatsworth Rifles, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment : “For conspicuous gallantry in action. He assisted to reorganise the brigade at a critical time. He set a splendid example of courage and coolness throughout.13/11/16 St Berredourn?” To France 1916, entitled to a MID pair and MC and later a Captain, address: The Gaunts House, Denmark Street, Bristol. Very fine+




British War Medal named to Captain I.H. Greenwood, Isidore Herbet Greenwood, served with Middlesex Regiment, Died of Wounds 6th July 1918. Mounted for wear, Good very fine




British War Medal named to MAJOR F. P.  VIDAL. LG O.B.E 7 January 1918 Major Francis Peter Vidal, Army Pay Department. LG C.B.E  8 June 1939 Colonel Francis Peter Vidal, O.B.E., retired pay, late Royal Army Pay Corps, late Command Paymaster, Southern Command. Francis Peter Vidal born 22/2/79 was only entitled to a British War Medal for WW1 1914-21, this being sent to Army Pay Office, Poona India. Captain & Paymaster 27/11/21, Major & Staff Paymaster 26/6/24, Lieutenant Colonel 22/11/25, Colonel & Chief Paymaster 14/9/36. Having attained the age for retirement is placed on retired pay 22/2/39.  Very fine+




British War Medal named to 2 LIEUT  G. S.  JEWHURST. George Stanley Jewhurst, 5665 Private 16th London Regiment, to France 5 7 16 until 26 9 16, later commissioned 27 11 17 to 1st Battalion, 20th London Regiment as a Second Lieutenant , died of wounds 19 2 1918, entitled to a pair only. Very fine+




British War Medal to 2 LIEUT. E. BOWLES, Edgar served initially with the Yorkshire Dragoons as a Private, he went to France on the 20/7/15. He was commissioned on the 3/9/17 into the 108th Battery, 23rd Army Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. He was listed initially missing on the 21/3/18 (most likely the Spring Offensive) and then later killed in action 31/3/18 aged 25. His medals were sent to his wife in Goale, Yorkshire. Very fine 




British War Medal named to F.18379 S.G. Goulding, Royal Naval Air Service. Sydney George Goulding, enlisted 17th July 1916, comes with copy set of Naval Service Papers. Very fine




British War Medal named to CAPT  E. J.  KING-KING. To France 20 10 14, served with the 14th Hussars attached 9th (Queen’s Own) Lancers, address Chittle, Hampton, Devon. Very fine




British War Medal named to 2nd Lieutenant H.T. Harry. Served with 2/4th Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry, before being commissioned into the Indian Army, served in Mesopotamia. From St. Just, in Cornwall. With copy MIC. Good very fine




British War Medal, impressed 22107 to PTE. H.TALBOT. G.GDS. Sold together with copy Medal Card and Medal Roll. Harold Talbot landed in France on 5th October, 1915 and served with the 4th Battalion, Grenadier Guards.  Lance Corporal Talbot was reported as being wounded in action during October, 1916. Harold was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment on 26TH March, 1918. He later resided at 1 Montgomery Hill, Frankby, near Birkenhead. NEF



British War Medal, impressed S- 18565 PTE J. MC PHERSON, A. & S.H. Sold together with a Copy Medal Index Card and Medal Roll. James McPherson served in the 10th (Service) Battalion; 11th (Service) Battalion and 1/5th (Renfrewshire) Battalion, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. He received the British War Medal and Victory Medal. Extremely fine




British War Medal named to MAJOR B. B. WILLS. Bernard Beverley Wills commissioned to be Second Lieutenant Dated 2nd June 1906 1st (City of Bristol) Volunteer Battalion, The Gloucestershire Regiment then to the 4th Battalion, The Gloucestershire Regiment, later transferred to 2nd South Midland Field Company, South Midland Divisional Engineers; he served with the Royal Engineers in WW1 and was only entitled to a British War Medal. Very fine+




British War Medal to 2 LIEUT  J. H. FOWLER. John Hayton Fowler served with the 8th Battalion Royal West Kent Regiment, to France 12th March 1916, and later with the Ministry of National Service as a Lt. In the General List. WW2 he was recalled from the General List to serve with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps from 26th Feb. 1940. Very fine+



British War Medal to MAJOR. C. D.  DALEY. Nearly extremely fine 




British War Medal to LIEUT. E. L.  THOMPSON. To France 27/4/17 with 2nd Battalion Berkshire Regiment and a Prisoner of War, date missing 16/08/1917 and repatriated 14/12/1918. Good very fine




British War Medal to LIEUT. G. F.  HOWELL. George Frederick Howell served as a PS/599 Corporal in the (Public School Battalion?) Middlesex Regiment to France 17/11/1915, commissioned into the 9th Battalion East Kent Regiment on 4/8/16, address on mic: Abingdon Lodge, Northampton. Nearly extremely fine




British War Medal to 2ND LIEUT W. A.  TWINE. Served in Hampshire Yeomanry in the ranks with number 104510, commissioned Royal Garrison Artillery and entitled to a pair only, lived at Southsea. Very fine




British War Medal to CAPT. A.  MACKINTOSH   Very fine+





British War Medal to 19614 PTE. A. COOK, D. OF CORN. L.I. Copy M.I.C. (1914-15 trio). Good very fine





British War Medal to 38055 PTE. W.A. SEARLE, DEVON R. Copy M.I.C. (pair) Wilfred A. Searle, also 387382 Lab. C.Extremely fine 





British War Medal to 202555 PTE. T. SEARLE, D.C.L.I. Copy M.I.C. (pair) Thomas Searle. Very fine 




British War Medal named to M.23785 W.A. Allen, JR4, Royal Navy. Comes with copy set of Naval Service Papers. Generally very fine




British War Medal named to W. Hamilton, Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve. Comes with copy set of Naval Service papers. VF



British War Medal to LIEUT T. H. F. LE MESURIER. Le Mesurier served in the Indian Army attached Punjabis and also attached to the Guides. Very fine 




British War Medal named to 27851 Private R.A. Walker, Kings Own Scottish Borderers. Generally very fine




British War Medal named to 4855 Acting Corporal C.E. Panham, 16th London Regiment. Good very fine 




British War Medal to 2 LIEUT E. A. WEBB. Served Royal Garrison Artillery entitled to a pair, Ilford address. Very fine+





British War Medal to 52994 PTE. E.W. SEARLE, DEVON R. Copy M.I.C. (pair) Edmund W. Very fine




British War Medal named to 48296 Private A. Cheetham, Manchester Regiment. Good very fine




British War Medal named to G-93757 Private K.P. Hetzel, Middlesex Regiment. Generally very fine




British War Medal named to 6297 Temporary Company Quarter Master Sergeant W.E. Oxland, Royal Engineers. Entered France  22nd June 1915, Born Plymstock, Devon, died Totnes, Devon 1968. A pre-war regular 1911 census shows him as 2 Cpl, residing 10 Budock Tce, Falmouth with his wife Rose and 5 year old son Harold. With copy Medal Index Card, Generally very fine 




British War Medal named to 217873 Bombardier J. Park, Royal Artillery. Generally very fine




British War Medal named to 15213 Bombardier T. Gradwell, Royal Artillery. One edge-knick 3 o’clock reverse rim. GVF





British War Medal to M2-035089 PTE. H.J. SEARLE, A.S.C. Copy M.I.C. Henry J. entitled 1914-15 Trio, France 5.9.1915.Very fine



British War Medal awarded to 24363 Cpl C H Hocking RAF, with ribbon and part of a box. Charles Henry Hocking was from Slainton, Middlesbrough . Enlisted 2nd March 1916 as a 2AM. He served in France from March 1917 to March 1920 as a Fitter MT, serving in 1AS amongst others. Entitled to a ww1 pair. Field General Court Martial 1918 for being absence. With Royal Air Force WW1 papers. Very fine




Victory Medal named to Lieutenant W.K. McClintock. Research shows the he served with 3rd Battalion, Rifle Brigade and was entitled to a 1915 Trio, comes with large amount of research. The son of Brigadier-General McClintock, he was in a Motor Cycle         Accident in 1917 and the he was Court-Martialled for absence without leave and escaping whilst under arrest whilst serving in France, and he was dismissed from the service. Very fine



Victory Medal to LT COL.  A. E.  JONES. Arnold Egerton Jones entitled to a pair only with Royal West Kent Regiment. VF 




Victory Medal to 2 LIEUT.  W. L.  POSNETT . William Leonard Posnett initially 9793 Private in the Inns of Court Officers Training Corps then commissioned as a 2/Lieutenant in the 13th (County of London) (Princess Louises, Kensington Battalion) London Regiment and was Killed in Action 22 June 1917. Very fine 




Victory Medal to CAPT R. N. EKINS. LG MID 4 1 1917 LT MGC. Ronald Newman Ekins served initially as a 2nd Lt with the 8th Northamptonshire Regiment, to France 25 2 1916, MID 1917 and promoted Captain in the Machine Gun Corps, he earned a pair for WW1, he died on 4 10 1939 as a Captain in the Northamptonshire Regiment and is buried in Gosport Cemetery. Worthy of further research. Very fine




Victory Medal to LIEUT J. B.   PENFOLD. Jeffery “Jerry” Bradley Penfold only son of Sir Stephen Penfold, educated Uppingham School, Lieutenant with the 7th Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers, Died of Wounds on 28 Jan 1916 from wounds received the previous day while bandaging one of his men who had been wounded at Hoenzollern Redoubt, entitled to a 1915 trio as a Lieutenant took part in Battle of Loos, medals sent to a Folkestone Address. Very fine+




Victory Medal named to 2nd Lieutenant E.T.S. Roe. Served in the Bedfordshire Regiment, later ended up as a Captain. Address given as Montpellier Place in London. Good very fine




Victory Medal to MAJOR   J.  McCOY. James McCoy went to France May 1916 with the Royal Engineers, entitled to a pair and mention in despatches, Cape Province, South Africa address. Very fine+




Victory Medal to LIEUT L. W. MAWLE. Lionel William Mawle a Lieutenant in the Machine Gun Corps, to France 21 6 16, entitled to a WW1 pair and MID Mentioned in Despatches, later a Captain, address Hayle Road, Maidstone Kent. Very fine+




Victory Medal to MAJOR E. W. J.  WAYCOTT. Ernest William James Waycott, Royal Field Artillery,  to France 7 11 1914, Chippenham. Very fine



Victory Medal named to T4-061465 Driver S. Nicolson, Army Service Corps. Samuel Nicholson to Egypt 5.6.1915, attached 2nd South Midland Field Ambulance, KIA 23.11.1917. Buried Ramelah War Cemetery. Son of Mr and Mrs Alex Nicholson of 35 Reigo Street, Edinburgh. Small replacement ring. Generally very fine




Victory Medal to 2 LIEUT  F. A.  LEONARD. Francis Alec Leonard to France 7/3/15, then as a Sergeant SPTS/5216 in the 23rd Sportsmen Battalion Royal Fusiliers commissioned into the 26th Bankers Battalion Royal Fusiliers, 21/9/16, entitled to a 1915 trio, addresses Kingsway London and Mitcham Surrey. Nearly extremely fine




Victory Medal to 2 LT  W.C.  WHITESIDE 1917 chinese LABOUR CORPS WITH ORIG DIRTY RIBBON 18/3/18 pair only and previously may have been lpool regt? 2 hope st, New Brighton, Cheshire.  Nearly extremely fine 




Victory Medal to LIEUT E. O.  GRIFFITHS. Edgar Owen Griffiths, Rifleman 6069 9th London Regiment, then commissioned 9th London Regiment on 28 3 1917, To France August 1916, entitled to a pair only. Addresses Hyde Park and Maida Hill, London. Very fine+




Victory Medal to CAPT C. C. DRABBLE. A Captain in the Royal Field Artillery entitled to a 1915 Trio and lived in Sheffield. Very fine




Victory Medal to CAPT A. C. VINALL. Arthur Clayton Vinall, Private 4/1901 later 200340 1st/4th Bn Royal Sussex Regiment, to Gallipoli 8 8 1915, commissioned 25 4 17 into 17th British Empire League Battalion Kings Royal Rifle Corps, address Valetta, Horsham.  Very fine+



Victory Medal to LIEUT  W. M.  GRAHAM. Graham William Moffatt served with the 1st/6th Hampshire Regiment, entitled to a pair only, Grangemouth address on mic. Very fine




Victory Medal, neatly erased. Good very fine




Victory Medal to 2 LIEUT  K. H. L.   ENOCH. 6791 Private in the 3rd London Regiment, Commissioned 31/7/18 into the Essex Regiment, address Goodmayes? Essex, entitled to a  pair only. Very fine+




Victory Medal to 2 LIEUT G. H. PARRIS. George Henry Parris, served as a SD/452 Sergeant in the 11th 1st South Down Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment, commissioned 25/2/18 as a Second Lieutenant in the East Kent Regiment, entitled to a pair only, 5 St Mary’s Road, Eastbourne address on mic. Very fine+



Victory Medal to 2 LIEUT  J. A.  EDWARDS. John Albert Edwards, a Private PS/2645 21st Public Schools Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, to France 14 11 15 to 12 4 16 (on disbandment), then commissioned 2nd Lt in the Machine Gun Corps 4 9 16, address Common Room, Middle Temple, EC4. (No doubt connected to some legal profession). Entitled a 1915 trio and a silver war badge numbered 52394. Very fine




Victory Medal to 2 LIEUT  G. M. JEANS Wounded 3 times.... Gerald Mark Jeans admitted to the Solicitors Bar Feb. 1913, practising at 50 Bedford Row, W.C. Joined Nov. 8, 1916, as Private, Inns of Court O.T.C. Gazetted 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment, Aug. 1, 1917. Served in Belgium and France from April 26, 1918. Wounded on Ypres-Comines Canal on first day/night April 26, 1918; at La Basse Canal on the night August 18/19 2nd Wiltshire Regiment,  relieved 9th RWF in the front line; and wounded a 3rd time near Valenciennes Nov. 4, 1918, entitled a pair and address on mic King’s Hall, Milton. Marlborough, Wiltshire Very fine+




Victory Medal to LIEUT K. A. R.  GARDNER. Kenneth Alan Reginald Gardner a territorial soldier who was commissioned from 1400 Bombadier Royal Field Artillery, he served in France 15/4/15, mic address given as 28 Mulgrave Street, Liverpool. He was from Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, and described as a commercial traveller on the census. Very fine+



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