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Battle of the Nile French Bronze Plaquette by L. Patriarche 1910, illustrating the story of Capt Luce Casabalanca and his son Gocante, immortalised by Felica Heman’s poem Casablance (The boy stood on the burning deck), 71mm x 54mm (Hardy 14). Good very fine





Nelson’s Return Home Medal 1800, white metal bust, left reverse Britannia hailing Nelson’s ship 38mm (BHM 490 – Eimer 918 – Hardy 22 – MH490). Nearly very fine





Battle of Copenhagen 1801, copper metal medal. Justice with medallions of Parker and Nelson, reverse The Ore Sound 38mm (BHM510 - Eimer 933 - Hardy23 - MH491) Very fine





Nelsons Crimson Oaks Society Founded 1808 white metal medal, bust of Nelson left, reverse, Masonic Symbols etc. 53mm (BHM640 – Hardy 85 – MH526). Pierced at top, rare, Very fine





Bronze Liverpool Seamans Friend Society 1820 Medal. Bust of Nelson on the obverse, and ‘For those on peril on the sea’ on the reverse. Founded 1820. 38mm (BHM1064 – Hardy 89). Good very fine





Copper Medal from Mudies series of National Medals. Admiral Nelson bust to the obverse. On the reverse ‘Nile 1st Aug 1798, Copenhagen 28 April 1801 and Trafalgar 21st Oct 1805’. 41mm. (BHM595, Hardy 87). Nearly extremely fine





Copper Medal from Mudies series of National Medals, Admiral Nelson bust to obverse. Reverse ‘Ne a Baruham En 1758 Mort En 1804.’ Dated 1816 near base. Good very fine





Bronze Medal by T. Webb. 41mm. Obverse, Adm Visc Nelson K.B.D. of Bronte young head. Reverse. Nile 1st Aug 1798, Copenhagen 28 Apr 1801, Trafalgar 21st Oct 1805. (BHM595 – Hardy 88). Good very fine





Centenary Memento of the Death of Nelson 1805 Oct 21st 1806. In the form of HMS Nelson brooch. Reverse with wearing pin and text Centenary Memento of the Death 1805, Oct 21st 1905. Containing copper from HMS Victory the Gift of the Lords of the Admiralty to British and Foreign Sailors Society. Collins, London. Ed VII. Good very fine





Bronze Medal. Obverse Victoria ‘Aboukir, Copenhag, Cadiz’ with winged Victory holding small portrait of Nelson. Reverse ‘H Vicecom Nelson. Obverse ‘PATRIAM PVGNANDO MORT OCT. XII MDCCCV’ Very fine





White Metal. Obverse ‘Nelson Born 29th Sep 1758 Died Oct 21st 1805’. Reverse ‘Wellington’ Born May 1st 1769, died Sept 14th 1852. Nearly extremely fine





Copper Medal. Obverse ‘SAUCETH’. Reverse ‘Medal Struck from Copper Taken From HMS Victory 1924.’ Good very fine





Small Medallion in copper. Obverse ‘Nelson’s pillar.’ Reverse ‘Dublin’. Very fine





Miniature Medal Made from Copper taken from Nelson’s Flagships. British Sailors Society in Service for the Sailor with blue/red/white ribbon. Good very fine





Grand Nelson Friendly Society Norwich Past Presidents Gilt Metal and Enamelled Badge named to reverse A.P. Nunn Jan to June 1936 in H. Slingsby Ltd Nuneaton case of issue. Nearly extremely fine





Spink Base Metal 1805-2005 Trafalgar Bicentenary Medal. In Spink case of issue. Extremely fine





Sea Cadet Corps Southern Area Gilt Metal Medal. Horatio Viscount Nelson KB Duke of Bronte. Trafalgar 200 in aid of Southern Area Sea Cadets in case of issue. Near Mint





1805 Silvered Bronze Medal by Thomas Webb. Obverse – Head of Nelson left. ‘Vicecom Nelson OB PATRIAM PUGN ANDO MORT OCT XXI MDCCCV’ Reverse – Bellona advancing across the sea 54mm IPSE BELLI FULMEN. Scarce. Very fine










Brass Medalet. Obverse ‘H VICECOM NELSON’ with head and shoulders of Nelson. Reverse ‘Died in Defence of his country Oct 21st 1805’. Very fine





Nelson White Metal Commemorative Medal. Obverse ‘Bust of Nelson England Expects Every Man Will Do His Duty’. Reverse ‘The Nelson Column London Erected 1943.’ Good very fine





Nelson White Metal Medal. Obverse ‘Admiral Lord Nelson’. Reverse ‘The Nelson Column Trafalgar Souh London’ by W. Railton, Esq. Arch J. Taylor Biem. Good very fine





Nelson White Metal Medal. Obverse ‘Admiral Lord Nelson’ Reverse ‘The Nelson Column Trafalgar’ Squ. London. Tenerife, Copenhagen, Nile, Trafalgar. Taylor, Birmingham. W. Bailton Esq Arch 1843. Nearly extremely fine





Brass Medalet pierced. Obverse ‘Admiral Nelson Killed at Trafalgar Oct 21st 1805’ Reverse ‘England Expects Every Man Will Do His Duty. With HMS Victory on reverse.’ Very fine





Battle of the Nile 1798, white metal medal, half-length figure of Nelson three quarters left, with title of Baron of the Nile, reverse, Nine French Ships of the Line Taken and Two Destroyed. 37mm (BHM 451 – RRR, Hardy 9 – RRR, MH 479.) Some corrosion spots, very rare. The date of 6th October 1798 on the medal is incorrect. The 6th November was most likely intended, when Nelson was elevated to his Barony. Good very fine





Death of Nelson 1805, white metal medal by Thomas Webb, bare head of Nelson left, reverse, Bellona stepping across waves towards war galleys, after John Flaxman, 53mm (BHM 577, Elmer 957, Hardy 63, MH 507). Rare in white metal, edge rim not fully struck up, minor blemishes, Extremely fine





Death of Nelson 1805, bronze medal, by Thomas Webb, bare head of Nelson left, rev., Bellona stepping across waves towards war galleys, after John Flaxman, 53mm (BHM 577; Eimer 957; Hardy 63; MH 507), virtually as struck





Death of Nelson 1805, white metal medal, by Peter Wyon, oval medallion of Nelson on obelisk set above sepulchre before which stands a weeping sailor, rev., Britannia and Neptune beside funerary urn, 51mm (BHM 579; Eimer 958; Hardy 65; MH 511), rate thus, Good very fine





Battle of the Nile 1798, bronze token penny for Portsmouth, bust of Nelson left, rev., inscription – TAKEN 9 SAIL OF THE LINE 3 DESTROYED, 33mm (Dalton & Hamer 8), Rare, Good very fine





Nelson’s Naval Gold Medal, bronze-gilt facsimile, numbered 027/200 of a limited edition issued by The Nelson Society in 2005 (Hardy 37), with ribbon and in case of issue with certificate signed by Anna Tribe OBE JP, the great, great, great granddaughter of Nelson and Emma Hamilton





 Mr. Alexander Davison's Medal for the Nile 1798, 48mm, bronze, pierced with ring suspension (has been “worn with pride”) Awarded to the survivors of the Battle of the Nile in 1798 by Alexander Davison of Birmingham, Nelson's Prize Agent. Good Fine +





Matthew Boulton’s Medal for the Battle of Trafalgar 1805, specimen in copper by C.H. Kuchler, uniformed bust of Nelson left, rev., a view of the naval engagement ‘England expects every man will do his duty’ on ribbon above. Edge impressed ‘To the Heroes of Trafalgar from M. Boulton’. 48mm. Minor Marks, Extremely fine





Waterloo Medal, original clip and ring suspender, named to (**JOHN JAMES, 1st REG. DRAGOON GUARDS**)  Two men of this name present at Waterloo, one of whom a nailer from Roscommon, was wounded on the inside of the right thigh and twice in the abdomen. Sold with copied discharge papers. Edge-bruising and lightly polished, Good fine




Waterloo Medal, clip and ring, (**GEORGE JONES, 23RD REG. LIGHT DRAGOONS**). The name renamed in engraved style, but the regiment correctly impressed. With copy research, recruited from the Nottinghamshire district. Generally very fine





Waterloo Medal, clip and ring, renamed in engraved style to (**DAC GEN PM CHAMBERS. 18TH HUSSARS**) The Commissariat officers who served at Waterloo were not granted the Waterloo medal, nor were their names distinguished in the Army List with a ‘W’ to denote such service, although in after years those that had served in the Peninsula were granted the ‘P’ before their names and they subsequently received the M.G.S. medal in 1848. No officer of this name, however, has been traced for this period.Very fine




Naval General Service Medal 1848, two clasps, Gut of Gibraltar, 12th July 1801 and Martinique named to George Sleator. Able Seaman George Slater (Sleator) age 19 is confirmed on the musters as being aboard HMS Pompee for the action at Algezieras in 6th July 1801 and was aboard one of the other line of Battle ships for the action at the Gut of Gibraltar on 12th July. Pompee was so damaged after the action at Algezieras that her crew was used to replace losses on the other Ships for the forthcoming battle a week later. Pompee took the second largest casualties by far at this battle, totalling 84! He was paid off from Pompee to Cambridge in 13th Feb 1802 along with other members of the crew. Cambridge was an 80 gun Guardship and was paid off in April 1802. The medal is entirely as issued and has not been tampered with. Martinique was presumably a later claim and has been recorded in collections with both these clasps as far back as 1909. Extremely fine









Naval General Service Medal 1848, clasp Java, to 2nd Lieutenant John S. Field, Royal Marines. Served on HMS Hussar which received 42 clasps, 7 to officers and 35 to other ranks. Lieutenant Field was invalided from the service on 1st July 1812, reason unknown. With copy service papers. Fitted with ornate laurel leaf top clasp. Good very fine





Naval General Service Medal 1848, clasp Algiers, named to (JOHN JENNINGS).  John Jennings was born in Northumberland. He enlisted into the Royal Marines at Canterbury on 21st July 1809, aged 18 years for a bounty of 16 guineas. As a Private in the Royal Marines he served aboard HMS Impregnable at the Battle of Algiers, 27th August 1816. With copied enlistment papers and research concerning the battle. Two men with this name in the published NGS roll, the other being on the Egypt roll. Contact marks, Generally very fine




Military General Service Medal, clasp Guadeloupe, to ‘Joseph Moss, Royal West India Rangers’. Joseph Moss was born in the Parish of Witham, Essex, and enlisted into the Royal West India Rangers on 18 February 1807. He served in the West Indies for 8 years 326 days, for the most part as a Drummer, and was discharged at Dominica on 16 June 1816, having completed his period of service. The Royal West India Rangers were formed from European soldiers drafted in from the Royal Africa Corp in 1806. Later convicts were recruited from British prisons as well as French prisoners of war who wanted to escape imprisonment. RWIR’s saw action in two invasions of the French island of Guadeloupe in 1810 and 1815. Only one officer and nine men from this regiment received the medal. Moss is shown on Mullens’ roll as Edward Moss, this a transcript Error by Mullen, both Original roll and Service papers (both included) are clear he was Joseph Moss. The Original medal roll additionally notes The Moss served in Captain Kennedy’s Company and was a bugler at Guadaloupe.  Sold with copied discharge papers and both original medal rolls included. A very rare medal, couple of Edge-knocks, Nearly very fine





Military General Service Medal, five clasps: Barrosa, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Toulouse; (JOHN CLEALE, 87TH FOOT.) John Cleale was born in he parish of East Caker, Yeovil, Somerset, and having worked as a labourer, then enlisted into the British Army when aged 16 on 18th February 1809, and was posted as a Private to the 87th Regiment of Foot - the Royal Irish Fusiliers. He then saw service during the Peninsula War, being part of the forces under Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Graham during the raising of the siege of Cadiz and at the battle of Barrosa on 5th March 1811, he then took part  with the forces under Wellington in the battle of Vittoria on 21st June 1813, and then in the operations in the Pyrenees from 25th July to 2nd August 1813 followed by the entry into southern France, the battle of Nivelle on 10th November 1813, and then the final battle of the Peninsula War at Toulouse on 10th April 1814. Cleale was twice wounded in action, the first time at the battle of Vittoria in the right leg and arm, and Nivelle he was wounded in the left thigh. He was discharged after 8 years service on account of the reduction of the army on 19th February 1817 at Colchester. Slight edge bruising, Good very fine





Military General Service Medal, six clasps, Salamanca, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, Toulouse named to (JOHN AKENHEAD. 61st FOOT).  John Akenhead entered the 61st Foot on 25 September 1807, as a Private from the Durham Militia. He was appointed Corporal in 1809 and embarked for Portugal in September 1811, remaining in the Peninsula and France until his discharge from the 61st Foot on 3 November 1814. He is known to have subsequently served in the 8th Royal Veteran Battalion and later resided at Gateshead, County Durham. Sold with copied muster details and other research. Edge-bruising otherwise Very fine





Military General Service Medal, clasp Salamanca. JOSEPH SANDS, 4th FOOT. (King's Own Royal Lancaster Regt.) 217 Salamanca bars to Regt. Copy medal roll & Discharge Papers. Born Tulalish, Bambridge, Down, Ireland. Enlisted 24.5.1804, served 14 years  'With the Regiment in action at the Battle of Salamanca and Palintia, at the latter he was wounded'. 'Wound, pistol shot in right foot'. (officers carried pistols) His only medal. Nearly very fine





China Medal 1842, with straight bar suspension, named to James Nurdon, Royal Marines. Served from 1836 to 1856, rising to Sergeant in January 1856. Nurdon was discharged as invalid in June 1856. Born 1816 at Marlborough, Wiltshire. Copy service papers. Very fine+





Ghuznee Medal 1839, unnamed as issued. Generally very fine





Punniar Star 1843, named to (Private William Grimsdie, 50th Queens Own Regt.) William Grimsdick (note different spelling on medal) was born in Epping, Essex. A Shoemaker by occupation, he attested for the 50th Regiment on 4 February 1838. With the regiment he served over one year in New South Wales and over five in India, seeing service at the action at Punniar and in the 1st Sikh War at the battles of Moodkee, Ferozeshuhur, Aliwal and Sobraon. In the latter battle he was wounded. Grimsdick was discharged on 22 June 1847. With copied discharge papers. fitted with a replacement silver straight bar suspension, Good very fine





Punjab Medal, clasp Chilianwala, to  J. Byers, 24th Foot killed in action at Chilianwala, 13 January, 1849. Born Dublin, Enl. 1831, a cotton spinner by trade. Served in Canada with the regiment during the rebellion 1837-39 and in 1848 in the Punjab where killed. Nearly extremely fine





Punjab Medal, two clasps, Mooltan, Goojerat SAML. WHITEHEAD, 10th FOOT. (Lincolnshire Regt.) KILLED IN ACTION GOOJERAT 21.2.1849. RARE casualty to the Regt. with 7 K.I.A. at Goojerat. Copy medal roll confirming K.I.A. Edge bruising, Good fine





Punjab Medal, two bars, Chilianwala, Goojerat to J. BATES, 3rd LT. DRAGNS. Copy Rolls Sutlej Medal (16th Lancers) & Punjab Medal (3rd Light Dragoons), Discharge Papers, 1569 Private John Bates, from Oughton Henry, Durham. Served from 27.11.1828 firstly with 16th Lancers till 28.2.1846 as 561 Private John Bates, entitled Ghuznee 1839, Sutlej Medal for Aliwal bar Sobraon with them. Confirmed on roll for the 16th Lancers entitled Aliwal bar which covers their famous charge at ALIWAL. Sutlej roll marked “Volunteered to 3rd Light Dragoons” earning this Punjab Medal 2 bars. Not entitled L.S.G.C. (served 17 years) Regt. numbers 561 & 1569 confirmed on papers, discharged 14.9.1852. Minor edge knocks (see website pictures) otherwise Very fine




South Africa Medal 1853, named to Corporal John Frame, 91st Regiment. Good very fine





Crimea Medal, two clasps, Alma,  Inkermann, T. Cook, 47th Regt. Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (17/1/1855) and killed in action in the assault of the Quarries 6 June 1855. Officially impressed. Nearly extremely fine





Crimea Medal, two clasps, Alma, Inkermann, T. Spicer, 95th Regt. officially impressed dangerously wounded Inkermann.





Crimea Medal, clasp Sebastopol THOS. GEDDES, A.B. officially impressed. Lon. Gaz. 2.7.1855 lists the casualties for 18.6.1855 includes THOMAS GEDDIS, A.B. RODNEY,SEVERELY WOUNDED ROYAL NAVAL BRIGADE, before Sebastopol 18.6.1855. Note:- no other Thos. Geddes/Geddis on any Naval Rolls. Despatches extracts (Commander in Chief E. Lyons) “..the gallantry which has distinguished the Naval Brigade throughout the war, was never more distinguished during the attack on the Malakoff Tower & Redan”. S. Lushington Despatch “..the fire continued all day & the Commander of the Forces having intimated to me his acceptance of my proposal to carry the LADDERS in case of an assault being made on the town & batteries, I told off 4 parties of 60 men each to accompany the 4 columns ordered for this service & Capt. Peel having volunteered his service on this occasion, I placed them under his command. I regret to say that the assault which took place at 3 a.m. was not successful; but our severe loss shows too plainly that the seamen & officers of the Naval Brigade did their duty most gallantly & their LADDERS were at their places in spite of the most murderous fire I have witnessed. The casualties I trust will be got in tonight after dark”. These were - 10 killed among LADDER PARTY (including 1 officer) 42 Wounded among LADDER PARTY (including 6 Officers). H.M.S. Rodney’s Naval Brigade lost 5 K.I.A., 2 dangerously wounded, 7 SEVERELY WOUNDED (includes Geddis) 5 sli. wounded. Copy roll for H.M.S. Rodney & Seb. bar.Impressed medals to the R.N./R.M. involved 4 ships only, as listed in Naval Medals 1793-1856 Capt. Douglas-Morris by 1987 had recorded 144 surviving medals of these 4 ships (not including Geddes), 851 medals given to RODNEY he noted 61 known survivors. Very fine





PTE. GEORGE LOWNES The Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment Killed in Action Sebastopol 29.8.1855.Crimea Medal 1854, bar Sebastopol (loose on ribbon as issued) G. LOWNES. 33rd REGT. officially impressed naming. 3657 Pte. George Lownes enlisted at Liverpool 6.9.1854. Served in the Crimea from 17.6.1855 and was killed in the trenches at Sebastopol 29.8.1855. Copies casualty & muster rolls, some minor nicks to edge, otherwise Very fine





Crimea Medal, three clasps, Alma, Inkermann and Sebastopol, named in regimentally impressed to (Pte C. WILLETT. 2d BN RIFLE Bde). With copy medal roll. Good very fine





Crimea Medal, clasp Sebastopol, named in engraved sloping capitals to Corporal A. Kirkup, 71st Highland Light Infantry. With research, also entitled to an Indian Mutiny Medal, clasp Central India, he was imprisoned at Pentonville having been convicted of subordination by a court in Bombay, after ‘striking a Sergeant Major Captain drunk cutting his own throat’ Contact wear, About very fine




Crimea Medal, clasp Sebastopol, renamed in engraved style to E. Brophey, 49th Foot. Toned, Nearly extremely fine





Turkish Crimea Medal, La Crimea, obverse, unnamed as issued. Generally very fine









Turkish Crimea Medal, La Crimea, unnamed as issued. Good very fine





Baltic Medal, unnamed as issued. Nearly extremely fine




Baltic Medal, unnamed as issued. Couple of small edge-bruises, Generally very fine





A rare 1854 India General Service Medal with FOUR bars, one of only 12 awarded to the British Army. Trumpeter Dennis Connell No 1 Battery, 1st Brigade, Eastern Division Royal Artillery. India General Service 1854-95, four clasps, Burma 1885-7, Hazara 1888, Burma 1887-89, Hazara 1891. 38582 TRUMPETER D. CONNELL, No. 1 By. 1st Bde. E. Dn. R.A. Copy Service papers Dennis Connell from Preston, Lancs. Papers confirming the FOUR bars & that he died of enteric fever in East Indies. (his only medal) Medal Rolls for all 4 bars (Hazara 1891 as 38582 Corporal Dennis Connel, Artillery “India”) Only 12 of this combination of 4 bar I.G.S.’s to British Units; all to R.A. Ex G.W. Harris & Roger Geech collections. Scarce to a Trumpeter & the only one to that rank of the 12 issued. Unofficial connections between 1st and 2nd bars only. Very fine





India General Service Medal 1854, clasp Jowaki 1877-8 1454 to TRUMPR. J. COLLIER, 13/9th. R.A. Scarce rank of TRUMPETER (later Trumpet Major) much rarer than Drummer. Interestingly only 4 Jowaki I.G.S.'s named to TRUMPETER to the British Army. 38 Jowaki's issued to this R.A. unit. Copy Afghan Roll, Discharge Papers, born Woolwich, Kent, aged 14 joined R.A., 29.1.1867 as a Trumpeter, served 5th & 13th Brigade, H.Q. Ough Div., served 1867 - 1888 rising through the ranks to Serjeant Trumpeter & Trumpet Major, entitled Afghan bar Ali Musjid as Trumpet Major R.A. & L.S.G.C. awarded 1886. Intended place of residence Bridge Inn, Barlow St., Derby. One edge knock otherwise Nearly Very FineOne e/k otherwise Nearly very fine





India General Service Medal 1854, two clasps, Burma 1885-7 and Chin-Lushai 1889-90, named in engraved style to Surgeon M.H. Smith, 3rd Madras Infantry. Maurice Henry Smith was born on 23rd April 1850, only son of Doctor Henry Spencer Smith, FRCS. He received his medical training at St Mary’s and in Paris. Smith became a MRCS, England in 1875. In 1876 he became a LRCP, Edinburgh, and also in the same year an L.M. He was admitted in September 1876 into the Indian Medical Service, and was appointed a Surgeon with seniority 31st March 1876 in the Madras Establishment. Arriving in India he was posted to a General Hospital, and at the end of that year he was with the 20th Madras Native Infantry and Nowgong, officiating in Medical charge, and in charge of Bundelcund Political Agency. He also served for a short while with the Nagpore Force. On 7th July 1879 Surgeon Smith was appointed to the 3rd or Palamcottah, Madras Light Infantry, and on 6th January 1881 he was posted as Surgeon to that Regiment, with which he was to serve the remainder of his military career. In 1885 the Regiment was under orders for Cannonore, and later for Trichinopoly, although still stationed at Tounghoo. The following year the regiment was stationed at Ningyan, and during this period it took part in the Burmese campaign. Surgeon Smith served in the operations around Hinedet, Yemethen and Nyingjan, and in the operations of the 3rd Brigade. Whilst on leave he was promoted to Surgeon Major in June 1888, and returning from furlough in 1889, rejoined his regiment which, later that year, was concentrated at Madras. He then took part in the Chin-Lushai operations of 1889-90 on the North East Frontier of India. Smith was promoted Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel in June 1896 with seniority 31st March 1896. In January 1897 he was transferred to the half-pay List, with effect 23rd October 1896, and he retired from active service from that date. Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel M.H. Smith, MRCS, LRCP, LM died on 12th October 1905, aged 55. Sold with further details. Nearly extremely fine





India General Service Medal 1854, two clasps, Burma 1887-89, Burma 1885-7 to  4974 PTE. P. DIAMOND, 1st. Bn. RIF. BRIG. Copy Discharge Papers. 4974 Private Patrick Diamond from Maghera, Co. Londonderry 1858, enlisted in the Rifle Brigade July 1881, served with the 1st Batt. In Upper Burma, Oct. 1886 - Feb. 1889. Discharged Aug. 1893. Bars mounted in this order as is normal, top bar with extra pierced holes both sides made when trying to add 2nd bar to 1st without `ears' ! Good very fine





India General Service Medal 1854, clasp Hazara named in running script to (1761 Sgt G. Buckland, 1st Dragoon Guards). One of only 12 officers and men of the 1st Dragoon Guards entitled to the clasp ‘Hazara 1888’. Recipient also entitled to the South Africa Medal 1877-79 with clasp ‘1879’. One of only two men of the regiment (Buckland and an officer) entitled to the two clasps. Very fine or better





 India General Service Medal 1854, clasp North West Frontier, named to 828 J.Ames H.M's 1st. Bn. 6th Regt.(Royal Warwickshires). With copy service papers Born 5th February 1879 papers confirm award of the IGS 54 with clasp North West Frontier. Born London attested Norwich,Norfolk 19th December 1860 his trade was a groom and his residence was Norwich. Good very fine





India General Service Medal 1854, clasp Northwest Frontier to 1726 PTE. J. PRIOR, 3 Bn. RIF. BDE. (Impressed) 1726 Private John Prior served with the 3rd Battalion Rifle Brigade as part of Brevet Colonel A.D. McDonell's Expedition against Sultan Muhammed Khan on the North West Frontier of India December 1863 - January 1864. Discharged March 1868. surname officially corrected. Nearly extremely fine





India General Service Medal 1854, clasp North West Frontier named to G. Shields, H.M’s 1st Battalion, 6th Regiment. Number and rank (Quartermaster) probably erased upon promotion, Shields eventually retiring as a  Major. Generally very fine





India General Service Medal 1854, two clasps, Burma 1885-7, Burma 1887-89 2263 PTE. D. SULLIVAN, 2d. Bn. R. SCO. FUS. Copy Discharge papers. Daniel Sullivan from St. Anns, Cork.Served 1st Boer War 1880 with 2/21st Regt. (Royal Scot's Fusiliers) from 15.3.1878 & embarked for South Africa 22.2.1879 covering the actions involved there were the Siege of Potchefstroom 12.12.1880-21.3.1881, Swart Kopjes 6.1.1881, Elandsfontein Ridge 16.1.1881, Sieges of Pretoria & Rustenberg, being the actions where they sustained casualties - entitled South Africa Zulu Medal bar 1879. To East Indies 5.1.1882. Discharged 21.7.1893 having been sentenced to penal servitude. Unofficial lugs between first and 2nd bars as issued loose. 78 medals issued with both bars. Very minor edge bruising otherwise Nearly extremely fine





India General Service Medal 1854, two clasps, Burma 1885-7 and Burma 1887-89 named to 6520 Private W. Micklefield, 1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade. Good very fine





India General Service Medal 1854, two clasps, Burma 1885-7 and Burma 1887-89, named to 7888 Private J. Browne, 1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade. With copy medal roll, invalided to England. Suspender slack, otherwise Good very fine





India General Service Medal 1854, clasp Burma 1887-89 2180 QR. MR. SERGT. W. WOOD, 2d. Bn. CHES. R. (Cheshire Regiment) Copy Discharge Papers, from Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Entitled L.S.G.C. Good senior N.C.O. rank. Quarter Master Sergeant. `ood' of surname officially corrected. Good very fine





India General Service Medal 1854, clasp, Waziristan 1894-95 3817 PTE. B. RALTON, 2d. Bn. BORDER REGT. (55th Foot) edge nick otherwise Nearly very fine





Indian Mutiny Medal, two clasps, Lucknow and Defence of Lucknow named to (W. AITKEN, 78TH HIGHLANDERS). Part of the first relief column,. Two men with this name in this regiment, both entitled to the two clasps. Some contacting to the obverse, Very fine





Indian Mutiny Medal, clasp Defence of Lucknow, named to (T. CROFT, 32nd L.I.) Original defender of Lucknow. The only man with his name on the roll, died on 11th September 1857. Edge-bruise to the reverse rim at 5 o’clock. Generally very fine





Indian Mutiny Medal, clasp: Central India; (GUNR. JOSH. SMITH, 2ND. C. BOMBAY RESERVE ARTY.) Joseph Smith was born in Frome, Somerset, and worked as a labourer, before enlisting at Cardiff as a Private into the Honourable East India Company Forces on 29th June 1853 for ten years service. Smith was embarked for India on 10th September 1853 aboard the troop ship 'Vernon' and arrived in Bombay on 31st December 1853, being then posted to the 3rd Bombay European Regiment, he subsequently transferred to the Bombay Artillery, and was present as a Gunner in the 2nd Company of Reserve Artillery during the Indian Mutiny where he was present with the Central India Field Force during the Central India campaign, and saw action at Jhansi, Calpi, and Gwalior. After the assumption of military responsibilities by the Imperial Forces after the end of the Indian Mutiny, Smith did not elect to transfer to the Royal Artillery and was discharged as a result on 26th January 1860 when aged 30.  Nearly extremely fine





Indian Mutiny Medalclasp Lucknow to EDWD. EVANS, 1st Bn. 23rd R.W. FUSRS, to 5512 Private Edward Evans, born Oswestry, served with the 23rd Foot at Lucknow in the Mutiny, died 25.1.1859. GVF





Indian Mutiny Medalclasp Central India to FACKER ODEEN 1st. REGIMENT N.I. Very fine





China Medal 1860, clasp Canton 1857, named to 53rd Co. W. Hull, Sergeant, Royal Marine Light Infantry. Served from 1841-1862, 21 years and 10 days. Born 1822 at Earls Colne, near Halstead in Essex. Named in what appears to be contemporary engraving. With copy service papers. Good very fine





China Medal 1857, two clasps, Taku Forts 1860 and Pekin 1860 named to (Wm PETIL 2nd/60TH RL RIFLES). Edge-bruise at 6 o’clock, and some light polishing, Very fine




China Medal 1857, two clasps, Taku Forts 1860 and Pekin 1860 named to (THOMAS McCORMICK, 1ST DRAGn Gds). Good very fine





China Medal 1857, clasp Taku Forts 1860 named to (JOHN SCULLY. 31st REGt). Some heavy surface and contact wear, about Fine





New Zealand Medal 1863-64, named to Private J. Richards, Royal Marines, HMS Curacoa. Serving on HMS Curacoa as part of the 34th Company, Portsmouth Division. Only 478, 1863-4 medals to RN & RM. 187 to Curacao. Born 14th July 1831 at Colyton, Devon. He was married and a Blacksmith prior to joining the R.M.L.I. previous ship HMS Edgar in 1860. Discharged 20/2/1867 at Portsmouth Barracks. With paperwork, REF ADM 38/7902. Good very fine





Abysinnia Medal named to 170 J. Atkins, 3rd Dragoon Guards. With copy medal roll. Generally very fine





Canada General Service Medal, clasp Fenian Raid named to 1428 Private P. Delaney, 1st Rifle Brigade. 175 issued to the battalion up to 1899. Nearly extremely fine





Afghanistan Medal 1878, two clasps, Ahmed Khel and Kandahar named to (1789 Pte J. COE. 2/60TH FOOT). GVF





Afghanistan Medal 1878, two clasps Charasia, Kabul to B/629 PTE. J. McARTHUR, 92nd HIGHRS. Copy medal Roll John McArthur, Volunteered to 90th Regt. (2/Scot. Rifles) Light contact marks, otherwise Nearly very fine





Afghanistan Medal 1878, clasp Ahmed Khel, named to 1035 Private J. Anderson, 59th Foot. (2nd Nottinghamshire Regiment). Good very fine





Afghanistan Medal 1878, clasp Peiwar Kotal to 965. SERGT. M. BIRMINGHAM, 2/8th REGT. (Liverpool Regiment) Good Sergeant's medal. Nearly extremely fine





Afghanistan Medal 1878, clasp Ahmed Khel. 3796 GUNR. J. CONNOR, 11/11th. Bde. R.A. (11th Bty., 11th Brigade received 91 medals with this bar) Good very fine




Afghanistan Medal, clasp, Ali Musjid (2540 Pte. J. Gage, 51st Regt.). Worthy of research, as John Gage transferred to the Army Reserve on 29 March 1880.  Bruising and contact marks, otherwise Very fine





Afghanistan Medal 1878, clasp Ahmed Khel named to (15,B.1139 Pte C. ERRINGTON, 59th FOOT). With copy medal roll. Two small edge-knocks to the reverse rim, otherwise Good very fine




Afghanistan Medal, no clasp, (10B/670 Lce. Corpl. G. Tate. 2/14th Regt.). George Tate initially served with the 10th (North Lincoln) Regiment of Foot.  His service papers are available on line. Unusual in this condition, Extremely fine




Afghanistan Medal 1878, very nearly erased naming. Generally very fine 




Kabul to Kandahar Star named to Major E.G.G. Hastings, Bengal Cavalry. Lieutenant Colonel Edward George Godolphin Hastings CB, London Gazette announces C.B. on 1st March 1881 as ‘Late Political Officer at Kabul and Chief Political Officer with Sir Frederick Robert’s Field Force on the march from Kabul to Kandahar’ The same Gazette page shows his promotion from Major to Lieutenant Colonel in recognition of his service during the Afghan Campaign. He died on 2nd December 1884, aged. 42. Hastings is also mentioned in Lord Roberts’ book 41 Years in India. Good very fine





Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal 1880-97, one bar Bechuanaland, Bandmr. E. Andrews. Queens. R. Vol. BANDMASTER, Queenstown Rifle Volunteers. Copy Roll 67 issued to Regiment, including 2 Officers & Band Sgt./Band Master E. Andrews. The medal being issued between 1900-1905 perhaps explains his rise in rank in the Band & being used for naming his medal. UNIQUE rank on the medal roll for Bandmaster, one other listed as Band Sgt. & two Band Cpl’s. Nearly very fine





Egypt Medal, dated reverse, three clasps, Tel-El-Kebir, The Nile 1884-85 and Abu Klea named to (2529 Pte W. HARRISON, 7/Dn Gds). Confirmed on roll (not with medal). Usual contact marks to obverse and to naming at 3 and 9 o’clock, Fine





Egypt Medal 1882, undated reverse, two clasps Suakin 1885 and Tofrek named to D. Taylor, Private, Royal Marine Light Infantry. Private David Taylor, wounded in action at Tofrek on 22nd March 1885, gunshot through the left thigh, invalided from the service in January 1887. With paperwork. Served HMS Duke of Wellington, October 1877-September 1879, HMS Asia, October 1880-January 1881, HMS Duke of Wellington October 1881 to September 1883, HMS Thunderer, September 1884 to April 1885. Royal Marine Battalion October 1884 to April 1885. Imprisoned 3 times including onboard Duke of Wellington for 14 days in August 1879. At Tofrek 7 Marines were killed and 16 wounded including Taylor. Good very fine





Egypt Medal 1882, undated, bar Suakin 1885. 1759 Pte. H. Jones, 1/Shrops: L.I., Copy Medal Roll & Discharge Papers. Henry Jones, born 1862 in Wellington, Shropshire. Joined 53rd Regt. (Shropshire Light Infantry) 9.12.1880 serving 12 years in Malta 1883-1885 & Suakin 1885. Confirms Medal, Suakin 1885 bar & Khedive's Star. Good very fine





Egypt Medal 1882, undated, bar Suakin 1885. 4 PTE. W. SPAIN, 2/E. SURR: R. Unusual surname, copy Medal Roll, discharge papers of 659 Thomas William Spain 2/E. Surr: R. the last of 8 pages his "discharge of Militia Man" names him as T. William Spain so he liked the name William not Thomas. From Camberwell, London. (this possibly him). Served Egypt & E. Indies 26.9.1884-4.3.1890. Good low Regt. number '4'. Light pitting, otherwise Nearly very fine





Egypt Medal 1882, dated reverse, two clasps, The Nile 1884-5 and Kirbekan named to 2322 Drummer W. Cook, 1st South Staffordshire Regiment. A late issue medal named in small impressed capitals. With copy medal roll. Extremely fine





Egypt Medal 1882, undated reverse, clasp Suakin 1885, named to  Sowar (Trooper) Sultan Khan, 9th Bengal Lancers. Usual pitting, Generally very fine





Egypt Medal 1882, undated reverse, clasp Gemaizah 1888 named to 98 Private E. Poole, 1st Welsh Regiment. A late issue medal named in small impressed capitals. With copy medal roll. Nearly extremely fine





Egypt Medal 1882, dated reverse, no clasp, named to G. Crawley, Chief Gunners Mate, HMS ‘Oronte’. Born, London 21st April 1849. Pensioned to shore on 14th July 1884. With copy service history and medal roll. Some edge-knocks. With a copy swivel suspender, Generally very fine




Khedives Star, dated 1882. Unnamed as issued. Lacquered, and dark toned. Very fine





Khedives Star 1882, the reverse engraved on the circular rim around the centre to ‘J. King, O.S. HMS Euphrates’. With full copy papers. James King, born Stoke Damerel, 5th January 1855. Dischared to Shore 31st January 1901. Good very fine




Khedives Star, dated 1884. Unnamed as issued. Good very fine





India General Service Medal 1895, two clasps, Tirah 1897-98 and Punjab Frontier 1897-98 named to Surgeon Captain S.A.C. Dallas, Indian Medical Services. Stuart Alexander Charles Dallas, MRCS, LRCP, born August 1867, he qualified as an M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. in 1889 and as a Clinical Assistant at Great Ormond Street Children Hospital and Obstetric Assistant at University College Hospital before joining the Indian Medical Service in July 1891 as a Surgeon Capital. He was posted to the Madras District and was Acting Civil Surgeon at Kurnool 1895 and Civil Surgeon in Chanda in 1897. He was seconded to the Tirah field force for the campaign 1897-98 and afterwards was Civil Surgeon again at Chanda (and Jail). He was transferred to the Central provinces in 1902 and died in Bombay 28th May 1903. Nearly extremely fine





India General Service Medal 1895, two bars Punjab Frontier 1897-98 and Samana 1897 to 4986 PTE. P. DEMPSEY, 2ND BN. RYL. IR. REGT. (Royal Irish Regiment) Copy Medal Roll, Discharge Papers, Patrick Dempsey born Barntown, Wexford, Ireland. Joined R.A. as a Gunner 1887 discharged Dec. 1888 as didn't get on well in the R.A. then enlisted in the Royal Irish Regt. 1893-98.Extremely fine




India General Service Medal 1895, clasp, Punjab Frontier 1897-98 (4301 Pte. S. Ely, 1st Bn. Ryl. W. Kent Regt.) Sidney Ely was born at East Sutton, Maidstone, Kent in 1876.  He worked as a Labourer prior to attesting, on 23 November 1894, for the Royal West Kent Regiment at Maidstone.  He saw service in served in India (February 1897 - February 1902); Malta, February - December 1902 and April 1904 - October 1906).  Discharged, after completing his twelve years of service on 22 November 1906.  Complete with copied service papers. Edge-bruising but Very fine





India General Service Medal 1895, clasp Relief of Chitral, named to (No.2364 CORPl C.E. HARRIS. 1/EAST LANCs REGt).Good very fine





Queens Sudan Medal named to (4384 PTE W. WIGGETT. 2/R. BDE.) With copy medal roll. Contact wear to obverse and rim, Fine




Queens Sudan Medal in bronze, named to Syce Odig, 1st Bombay Lancers. Scarce to this unit. Generally very fine





Queens Sudan Medal, engraved ‘4059-4’ in Arabic as issued to the Egyptian Army. Scratched, loose suspender, with top bar of suspender missing. Very fine





Queens Sudan Medal, in bronze, named to Syce Jhalloo Khan, 1st Lancers. Suspender repaired with solder, Fine





Khedives Sudan Medal 1896, in silver, no clasp, named to Lieutenant A.R.C. Savile, 1st Bombay Lancers With basic research, saw service during WW1 as a Major with the 31st Duke of Connaughts Own Lancers, eventually ending up as a Lieutenant Colonel. Nearly extremely fine





Khedives Sudan Medal 1896, two clasps, The Atbara and Khartoum named to 1983 Gunner C. Baker, 16th Company, Eastern Division, Royal Artillery. With copy papers and census details, from Bedford. Good very fine





Queens South Africa Medal, six bars Cape Colony, Talana, Tugela Heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal. 5881 PTE. S. POOLEY, RL. DUBLIN FUS: Copy Medal & Casualty Roll - Died Heidelberg 18.7.1900, 2/Dublin Fus. Nicely toned with 'ghost dates' Nearly extremely fine





Queens South Africa Medal, five bars, Tugela Heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal, Laing's Nek. 8723 PTE. C.F. DUGARD, K.R.R.C. SEVERELY WOUNDED VLAKFONTEIN FARM, ERMELO DISTRICT Pte. Dougard 2.2.1901 2/Btn. K.R.R.C. Mounted Infantry. Copy Medal & Casualty Rolls, Boer War History, Discharge/medical/pension papers (31 pages) Charles F. Dugard from Aston Birmingham. Gun shot wound left arm. Nearly extremely fine










Private Samuel Wylie, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Wounded COLENSO 15th December 1899, from Shankill, Belfast.Queens South Africa Medalfour bars Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Belfast 5169 Pte. S. Wylie, Rl. Innis. Fus. WOUNDED COLENSO 15.12.1899. The 'Skins' lost 1 Officer, 17 men K.I.A. 10 Officers, 76 men wounded. Copy Medal roll, Discharge Papers, born Shankhill, Belfast, Antrim. Joined the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers at Belfast 30.11.1895. Served South Africa, 5.11.1899-18.1.1903, discharged 29.12.1907. Discharge Papers state wounded 'near the Tugela River, 15.12.1899'. (this is the action at COLENSO 15.12.1899 as in the Official Casualty roll) Entitled K.S.A. Nearly extremely fine





Queens South Africa Medal, four clasps, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902, Cape Colony, Transvaal (in this order from bottom to top), named to Lieutenant Colonel R.C. Gunning, Royal Army Medical Corps. Retires on May 25th 1904. He entered the service as a Surgeon on February 4th 1877, became Surgeon Major on February 4th 1889, was granted the rank of Lieutenant Colonel August 4th 1897, and made Brigade Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel, August 9th 1899. During the war in South Africa he was Principal Medical Officer of the 22nd General Hospital, and was in various operations in the Transvaal and Cape Colony. Nearly extremely fine





Queen's South Africa Medal, four bars, Defence of Ladysmith, Laing's Nek, Belfast, South Africa 1901. 5574 Pte. W. Williams, Liverpool Regt. Attested Liv. Regt. 1897, L/Cpl. 15.10.1901. 5574 Private William Williams, 1st Battalion Liverpool Regiment,wounded in action near Witpoort (near Heilbron) 12.10.1900 (4 casualties to Regt.) The wounds resulted in the loss of use of his right arm and having been invalided home 14.4.1901 & discharged 21.12.1901.  He is listed as `J. Williams' in the published casualty roll. One rivet popped on S.A.01 bar. Copy Service papers, medal roll (for first 3 bars, can't find 1901 bar roll). VF





Queens South Africa Medal, four clasps, Defence of Ladysmith, Orange Free State, Laing’s Nek and Belfast named to (4464 Pte J.E. HARVEY. 19/Hrs). John Edward Harvey, born 1877 in Bethnal Green, previous service in the 4th Volunteer, Essex Regiment, enlisted 19th Hussars, 22nd September 1896. Saw service during WW1, but believed only to be at home in UK. Private Harvey was a POW, having been captured at Helveta on December 1899 and was later released. Good very fine



late entry


Queens South Africa Medal, four bars, Defence of Ladysmith, Belfast, Cape Colony and Orange Free State, named to 5232 Private J. Collins, Manchester Regiment, bars mounted in the above order. Copy medal roll (confirms C.C., O.F.S. issued late so mounted out of order) discharge papers from Knutsford, Chester. Entitled K.S.A. Light contact marks, Nearly very fine





Queens South Africa Medal, three bars, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal.6646 PTE. A. MCKAY, K.O. SCOT. BORD. (Mounted Infantry) Slightly Wounded Nr. LILLIEFONTEIN, 7.5.1901, the only casualty to the Regt. here. Copy medal roll. Few edge bruises otherwise Very fine




Queens South Africa Medal, three clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State and Transvaal named to 3559 Private S. Swindell, Royal Scots. Enlisted 29th March 1890 at Glencorse, born Church Greasley, Derbyshire. Trade, Labourer, aged 18 years 4 months, served in Malta, India and South Africa. Served 12 years 96 days. Married Maria Baylis, 9th April 1899 at Aston, Recalled to Army 8th October 1899. Invalided to England on 22nd January 1901. With copy service papers. Generally very fine




Queens South Africa Medal, three clasps, Transvaal, Orange Free State, Cape Colony named to 6136 Private H. Pearce, 2nd Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry. Comes with copy set of service papers. Generally very fine





Queens South Africa Medal, three clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State and South Africa 1902, named to 7417 Private G. Williams, Rifle Brigade. Edge-knock at 9 o’clock, otherwise Generally very fine





Queens South Africa Medalthree bars, Cape Colony, Transvaal, Wittebergen. 8221 PTE. J.A. Mc'LEAN, 1 HIGH: LT. INFT. 8221 Private J. A. McLean served in the Volunteer Company Highland Light Infantry & as 671 Cpl. 1st Scottish horse for the Transvaal bar issued on 28.11.1910 (claimed when in Army Reserve I expect). Entitled K.S.A. with 1/Scottish Horse bar 1901, doesn't seem to have got the bar 1902 from rolls but may have got bar South Africa 1901 to his Q.S.A. issued separately but roll is marked from 'No' to 'Yes' for K.S.A. Copy 3 x medal rolls. Jeweller's light marks (?) to one side of obverse otherwise Very fine





Queens South Africa Medalthree bars, Cape Colony, Transvaal, Wittebergen to 1077 PTE. J. STANLEY, MANCH. REGT. Nearly extremely fine




Queens South Africa Medal, three clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State and Paardeberg named in engraved style to E. Morris, Able Seaman, HMS Monarch. Also entitled to Driefontein bar, but Orange Free State not confirmed. Please see images for naming. Generally very fine





Queens South Africa Medal, two clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State to Ord. J. Thomson, Scottish Hos. (Orderly, Scottish Hospital). Nearly extremely fine





A scarce Boer War casualty to Corporal A. Seekings King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry for the early action at ENSLIN 25th November 1899. Queens South Africa Medal, two bars, Belmont, Orange Free State to 4424 CORL. A. SEEKINGS, 2 YORKS. LT. INFY. 4424 Corporal A. Seekings, 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Light Infantry was WOUNDED ENSLIN, 25 11 1899.(4424 A. Seekin, 2/Yorks. L.I.) To 1st Class Army Reserve, 1 6.1901 (due to wound ?) From “Our Regiments in South Africa” J. Stirling. 'At Enslin on the 25th the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry took a very prominent part & if they did not lose so heavily as the Naval Brigade, that is accounted for by their not crowding in the attack & making a better use of the ground'. At Enslin the Yorks L.I. had 10 K.I.A. & 38 wounded (including 3 Officers) the R.N. Bge. 16 K.I.A. & 81 wounded, Loyal North Lancs. Regt., 18 wounded, Northampton Regt., 1 K.I.A. 10 wounded, Rimingtons Guides 4 wounded 3 missing. Copy service record, casualty & medal roll. Contact marks, Nearly very fine





Private James Parsons, 1st Royal Irish Regiment Severely Wounded Bethlehem 7th July 1900 from Tipperary, Ireland. Queens South Africa Medaltwo bars Cape Colony, Wittebergen 795 Pte. J. Parsons, 1st Rl. Irish Regt. SEVERELY WOUNDED BETHLEHEM 7.7.1900. The Royal Irish Regiment lost 1 K.I.A. & 50 Wounded in this action The Despatch Lon. Gaz. 10.10.1900 "On this occasion the 1st Batt. Royal Irish Regiment distinguished itself capturing a gun of the 77th Bty. R.F.A. which had been lost at Stormberg (1899)". Copy Medal Roll, Discharge Papers from St. John's, Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland. His only medal. Very fine





Queens South Africa Medal, two bars, Tugela Heights, Relief of Ladysmith to 83233 DVR. E, HIGGINS, R.F.A. Copy Medal Roll - separate page - served with Ammunition Column, R.F.A. Discharge Papers Ernest Higgins from Bournbrook, Bromsgrove, Birmingham/Worcs. Injuries, received kick from horse when on duty 17.10.1891. ORIGINAL PHOTO in old age 3” x 2” & Original Marriage Certificate 1894 Ernest Richard Higgins, Driver R.A. 2 x slight e/nicks otherwise Very fine





A Boer War Medal with an unusual to find picture of an other rank in the Boer War wearing his I.G.S. ribbon in Seaforth Highlanders uniform. Queens South Africa Medal, two bars, Cape Colony, Paardeberg to 1745 Pte. D. ROBERTSON, 2 SEA. HIGHRS. Donald Robertson was born in Moulin, Pitlochry, Perthshire. A Plumber by occupation & a member of the 3rd Btn. Scottish Rifles; attested in the Seaforth Highlanders at Hamilton 20.5.1885, aged 18 years. Serving in the East Indies, 1.1.1886 - 6.3.1893 (I.G.S. Medal bar Hazara 1891) & was discharged to the Army Reserve in 5.4.1893, re-engaging for the Reserve in 20.5.1897. Recalled to the Colours, served in South Africa 5.12.1899 until invalided home 15.9.1900, discharged 19.5.1902. Copy both medal rolls, service papers, born Moulin, Pitlochry, Perthshire. 'A military History of Perthshire 1899-1902'. Published 1908. gives '1745 Pte. Donald Robertson (Ballinluig) Enlisted 1885, served with Hazara Expedition 1891 (medal with clasp Hazara 1891) also in South African War (1899) -1900 (Queen's medal with clasps Cape Colony & Paardeberg). Discharged 1902'. Picture page 463 - copy photograph. Good very fine





 Queen's South Africa Medal, two bars Tugela Heights, Relief of Ladysmith. 2482 Pte. W. PICKERSGILL, W. YORKSHIRE REGT. Good very fine





Queens South Africa Medal, two clasps, Transvaal and South Africa 1902, named to 6816 Private G. Honey, East Surrey Regiment. With copy medal roll. Generally very fine



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